How to Earn Money – Bake Your Favorite Recipe

You may say that it is difficult to make money today; it is difficult in today’s economy. I agree with you that it is difficult however not impossible. It is something that can be done and done with ease. There’s a lot that can happen off of an idea. One of my many ideas, an idea that has helped make money is selling one of my baked items – a food item that has always been considered absolutely fantastic to others.

You may ask, well what is that food item? What is that one recipe that others have considered good? Well for me, it has been a Pumpkin Bread. I remember once a boss hating me, wanting me out of the office but he adored my pumpkin bread. When it was time to remove people, time to get rid of what they thought were “old employees”, I wasn’t one of those employees that were laid off. Rather, I was moved to another office location and in essence kept my job (although it was a little less than what I made). You might say, “Well, you didn’t get kicked out but you were demoted.” I agree with you but I found out that my pumpkin bread was a seller, one that could make a man kiss the ground that I walked on, wish that he could kiss his Momma (because my cooking was just as good as hers). You may be wondering, “What did I do? How did I earn money?” Once again, I became a money-maker off of one of my ideas.

Initially, I began placing my pumpkin bread in the employee’s lounge and offering it to my co-workers for free. They were able to enjoy the bread for their morning breakfast, afternoon lunch or an in-between snack. I did this the first week, only one day that week. The next week, I offered slices of the bread for a small fee. You will be amazed that people were willing to buy it, were willing to pay for it and thus I earned a profit.

On Sundays, I occasionally head to church to feel closer to other Christians, closer to God. Well one Sunday, I said to myself, “Why not make money off of it?” With permission from the head of the church, I originally offered my bread to others for free by setting up a small stand (consisted of a table and dining chair). The next week, I offered the bread again, however this time for a small fee. Once again, I was able to make money, able to earn a profit.

You might be wondering how did I earn a profit, how much did it cost me? Well, I already had the ingredients in my house. I bought the plastic wrap and a colorful ribbon from the 99 Cents store. Of course, it had to be well presented (that’s why I bought the ribbon). Once again, I saw an attribute and decided to capitalize on it. There are a lot of ideas out there, a lot in which you can make money. If you are sitting on an idea, it is not too late to capitalize off yours.

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