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Best Position 5 Bento Box

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These containers have a stylish look and they are steady. They completely microwave safe and are not damaged using the microwave. The quality of the box looks firm they are not made from any cheap quality material. The box contains three containers attached inside it which makes it easier not to carry a number of boxes for different items. All the items can be stored in a single box at different segments.  These boxes are safe from being washed in a dishwasher and stored in freezers. The biggest advantage is the can be stacked one upon each other if it to be stored in the kitchen pantry, kitchen island, or cupboards which saves a lot of space.

The lid has a feature that it can be opened from all ends, it doesn’t matter which end is choosing. The lids have glooms that fit tightly into the compartments which makes sure that the food does not cross into the other compartments. They are re-usable and their design and quality make it very durable. It comes along with a fork and spoon at each end which fits in perfectly inside the container. While closing the lid it must be made sure that the glooms fit inside the containers preventing the food from falling apart. It’s very lightweight and comes with a warranty.

What we liked about it:

This one is considered to be the best bento box with compartments that enable the users to carry different types of food without using any extra boxes. All the food can be stored in one box with compartments. The food stored in these boxes does not spill to the other compartments due to the presence of glooms in each compartment making it fit the edges of each compartment in the container. They are freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and can be stored in a very convenient way.

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