Eco-Friendly Benefits of an Oil Less Turkey Fryer


To fry anything, oil is a must. So, how does Oil Less Turkey Fryer defy this logic? Is it all style and no substance? My apprehensions were the same as yours. The Oil Less Turkey Fryer makes use of the latest infrared technology to create an oven-like environment that cooks the meat evenly with almost no oil. So, the end result is excellent food WITHOUT the grease!

No Extra Costs and No Flames

Turkey fans like me would be glad to learn that there are a number of eco-friendly benefits of the best Oil Less Turkey Fryer. Unlike the past, I don’t have to spend money on gallons of oil every time I have to munch on my favorite turkey. Moreover, there are no bothersome flames that signal my neighbors about my upcoming dish. My kitchen is no longer a victim of the persistent smell of cooking oil that occurs with deep frying.

Oil Less Turkey Fryer Environmental Benefits

For a change, my landlord is also appreciative of my cooking device. In worst case scenario, I do not run the risk of burning his roof down since there is no possibility of overheating to a dangerous level. When oil is overheated, it becomes combustible and can lead to an explosion. With the controlled cooking environment, I don’t have to bother about burns from accidents or combustion due to high oil temperature.

Furthermore, I no longer have to figure out what to do with all the oil once I am done with a successful turkey fry. In the past, it was a pain to flush all the oil down the drain. I knew I wasn’t being nice to my surroundings. If you are not aware of the hazards of improper cooking oil disposal, here’s what you should know. The oil and grease poured down the drain collect on the sewage pipes until they become big enough to block them.

Not Guilty Anymore

Remember, domestic waste is a big cause of environmental pollution. Not only do they lead to extra municipal infrastructure cost, but also suffocate many types of marine life. Gladly, all of the environment guilt is a thing of the past. Another day, another turkey, I do not throw a sweat anymore!


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