Edible Flowers List For Use in Cooking

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Flower bouquets are always a great gift for someone or an addition to any atmosphere. But do you know that flowers can be used for other purposes? And one of them is cooking. Most people who like to cook deliciously use flowers to flavor their dishes. And among the flowers that we can eat are:

  • Roses;
  • Chamomile;
  • Calendula;
  • Hibiscus.

Edible flowers can be a good idea not only to decorate the dining table. Besides, they can diversify the home menu. After all, using the petals of certain flowers can give an exceptional taste to dishes. And the most exciting thing is that the range of edible flowers is wide enough. Thus, you can choose flowers even according to your taste. For example, it can be sunflowers with a sweet taste. Or you can make dishes with hibiscus for additional bitterness. The main thing is understanding which flowers you can consume and which you can not. After that, your daily diet will become much tastier and brighter.

How to Prepare Edible Flowers

For you to be able to consume flowers, you need to prepare them properly. After all, plucking edible flower petals is not enough. So, first, you need to clean it properly and then add it to any dishes. And how to prepare them? Keep a guide for it:

  • Pick your flower

Not all flowers are edible. Many of them may contain toxic substances. And some have pollen that can cause a severe allergic reaction. To avoid this, carefully familiarize yourself with the list of edible flowers. Choose the one you need and then start preparing it.

  • Wash the flowers

You can eat flowers only when they are clean. Thus, proceed to clean them. It is best to do this in cool water. It does not soften the structure of the petals and thoroughly washes dirt from them.

  • Dry the flowers

Next, you should dry the edible flowers so that you can eat them. Place the petals on a cloth or napkin. Over time, they will absorb moisture and dry out. If you don’t want to wait, lightly wipe them with napkins.

With the help of these steps, you can prepare edible flower petals. The process does not require much time and is relatively easy. Moreover, you can store such flowers in the freezer. There they do not spoil and can stay fresh for several days. So, choose flowers for yourself, prepare them in this way, and be ready to taste them.

What Flowers to Avoid

All flowers beckon with their beauty and thus attract. But beautiful flowers do not mean edible flowers. Poison and toxins can be hidden behind the beauty of some of them. Accordingly, consuming them can lead to a lot of trouble. So, to prevent this, read the list of flowers that you should avoid:

1. Lily of the Valley

It is a gorgeous flower. But unfortunately, you can not use it in cooking. Lily of the Valley contains glycosides. These substances cause poor appetite, vomiting, convulsions, and even death in case of severe poisoning.

2. Narcissus

It is one of the most dangerous flowers. It contains lycorine, which is in all parts of the daffodil. This way, by consuming this flower, you are at least guaranteed to be poisoned.

3. Clematis

Unfortunately, this is not a flower that we can eat. Because it contains anemonin in its petals. And when this substance enters the human body, it irritates the stomach and causes vomiting.

4. Poppy

This flower contains seeds that have narcotic substances. Eating them can lead to drowsiness, dizziness, and stomach irritation.

5. Hydrangeas

Unfortunately, this beautiful flower is also harmful. It has a toxic substance that causes poisoning when consumed.

If you do not know what flowers you can eat and what to avoid, it is better not to eat them. After all, some flowers are better used as a decoration of the house and not as a decoration of a dish. Do not pick withered flowers, and make sure they are chemical-free. Also, pay attention to where the flowers grow and how dirty they are. If the flowers grow near the road and are chemically treated, avoid consuming them.

List of Edible Flowers

Does your daily menu become boring and monotonous? Add brightness and taste to it with the help of flowers. Their petals can add a new taste to any dish. In general, the functionality of flowers in cooking is quite broad. Here’s what you can do with them:

  • Add to salads and drinks.
  • Decorate vegetable dishes and cheese slices.
  • Add to tea.
  • Decorate cakes and pastries with them.
  • Freeze in ice and use to decorate drinks.

Flowers can provide aesthetic pleasure and give dishes a unique aroma and color. About 50 of the most popular varieties of edible flowers are used worldwide. And they are added not only to homemade dishes but also by restaurant chefs. Besides, edible flower petals are a valuable source of proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Thus, by consuming them, you improve your health simultaneously. And which ones can you eat to get these benefits? Keep a list of edible flowers:


Rose is one of the best edible flowers. Its petals contain many vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. It especially refers to red roses. So, here are some ways to use roses in cooking:

  • Tea with rose leaves;
  • Salad with rose petals;
  • Desserts decorated with rose petals;
  • Marmalade with roses.


Everyone knows this flower because of its incredible aroma. Thanks to this beautiful property, lavender found a place in cooking. There it is as a spice to flavor various dishes:

  • Meat dishes;
  • Fresh vegetable salads with hard cheeses or fruit salads;
  • Sauces based on olive oil, honey, and vinegar;
  • Cocktails, lemonades, sodas, and wines.


This flower that we can eat is the queen of cooking. This plant has versatile uses in the kitchen. And most often, it is used for making hot drinks. Besides, you can eat hibiscus with other dishes:

  • Add it to salads;
  • Prepare desserts with hibiscus. It can be marmalade and jelly;
  • Do you want to add a sour taste note and bitterness to the drink? Add hibiscus to tea, lemonade, or other beverages.


Mostly you can find this plant in medicine. But in cooking, this flower is no less useful:

  • One of the most common ways to use chamomile is to make tea. Chamomile drinks have a pleasant aroma and taste that has a calming effect;
  • In addition, this edible flower can be a great seasoning in cooking. It especially applies to honey cakes or desserts.


Calendula flowers have a bitter, light taste. By eating it, you get many useful elements. After all, calendula flowers contain many carotenoids, flavonoids, and essential oils. Because of this, this plant is also edible. And you can use it in many dishes:

  • Vegetables and green salads;
  • Tea or tincture;
  • Soups;
  • You can use it in puddings, jellies, or cakes to provide them with a floral flavor.

Bottom Line

Flowers are popular not only in floristry but also in cooking. And if you need help preparing edible flowers, Rosaholics flower shop is ready to help you. Our assortment includes only fresh roses and their petals. They have no chemical treatment and are grown in ecological conditions on our farm. Thus, with our rose petals, your cooking will become much more exciting and tastier.