World-Traveling Chef

Eric Bolyard

23 reviews · 7 Menus · Approved January 2014

Contemporary, Ingredient-Focused, Travel-Inspired

My mission is to take not only the flavors that I've encountered, but also the deep hospitality that I've been offered amidst my travels and reciprocate BOTH elements to those who I have the pleasure of serving.

After exploring the cuisine of Northern Italy and Greece, I spent several months cooking in London and the Basque Country of Northern Spain. I sought hole-in-the-wall food spots in every city crossed. Hence, my approach is rooted in authentic local flavors. My experience in Europe, combined with my appreciation for the changing seasons of the Northeast, enables me to craft plates distinctly my own.

23 reviews

justine k. February 24, 2015

eric is a truly talented chef and his food made our evening really memorable. thanks so much for wonderful experience!

Julia S. February 17, 2015

Eric cooked me and my boyfriend a seven course meal for Valentine's Day. Woah, world. WOAH. These are the quotes that authentically came out of our mouths throughout the three hours of fine dining in our home:

1. "Oh, this is what people mean when they say 'foodgasm'!"
2. "It's not a taste, it's a feeling."
3. "So much better than Kanye."
4. "Death row last meal."
5. "Floating."

I probably don't need to say more, but I do want to mention that Eric was so easy to coordinate details with leading up to the dinner, and so friendly and professional in his demeanor. He also handled my energetic pup beautifully!

I recommend Eric (and his scallop crudo) a million percent.

Judson T. December 19, 2014

Delicious. 5 stars. One suggestion: reduce time between courses. I will use him again and would recommend him. Nice guy too.

Constance F. October 27, 2014

Eric was really great. The dishes he prepared for us were Spanish / Mediterranean influenced, and everything was delicious, from the refined pintxos to the yummy pork shoulder. We had booked him for a simple tapas drop off, but he stayed over two hours to plate everything elegantly. His professionalism and attention to detail was very impressive, and he definitely went above and beyond to ensure our party went smoothly. He is clearly a talented chef, and we would love to hire him again for a full tasting menu.

Navlyn W. October 27, 2014

Chef Eric was the 3rd wheel to a special date night I had with my boyfriend. He blew us away with 7 course tasting that was thoughtfully inventive, meticulously prepared, and beautifully presented. From the slimy-yet-crunch texture of his smoked oyster with farro, to the seemingly contradictory qualities of "fancy" and "comfort" that co-existed in his "Mussels and Brussels" potato-dashi soup, to the surprisingly delicious leek preparation sprinkled with tuna bits, every course delighted our taste buds and challenged the way we thought about a certain ingredient or flavor profile.

Eric was also a great chef to hang out with. He told us stories about his dishes, his travels, entertained millions of our questions. We could not have asked for a better 3rd wheel :) Thanks Chef Eric!!

Grace P. October 24, 2014

Eric and Rafael were fantastic from start to finish. Their food was amazing and beautifully presented. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Prithvi R. October 18, 2014

Once again, Eric blew our socks off with his dinner. His thoughtfulness and attention to detail make the meal an unforgettable experience. His creativity and passion for pursuing unique flavor combinations were clear in every dish, from the carrot and lime yogurt in the salad, to the amazing house made ricotta and kale stew in the pasta dish, and the literally amazing rose water ice cream with coconibs. Our favorite dish was the roasted cauliflower - the presentation was beautiful (seriously, so cool), and the combination of sumac and cauliflower puree with the roasted cauliflower was delicious. I can't wait to eat the leftover cauliflower puree (and homemade ricotta) today!

I can't wait to have Eric over again. He is truly a pleasure to work with and a ton of fun to have at home. You should book Eric!

Kate K. August 26, 2014

I feel so lucky to have found Eric for my event. His food was truly out of this world -- we have been talking about it incessantly ever since he left. But in addition to the incredible food, I deeply appreciated his hard work and attention to detail with all the preparations. We spoke frequently in the weeks leading up to the event, fine-tuning the menu and working out details. He accommodated all of my many special requests and last minute changes, and we ended up with a really spectacular menu. All fifteen of my guests raved about every course. It was beautifully presented, and Eric was lovely to have in our home. Calm, polite, appreciative, competent and sincere. I can't wait to hire him again.

Kegan F. August 24, 2014

Eric pulled together a last minute taco party for a group of 10 design minded founders in NYC. The response was a unanimous yes. Each and every dish, from main components, to details like sour cream were specific, thought out, and reflective of his talent. A must hire.

Mary C. August 17, 2014

I choose Eric for a private family style dinner for a bachelorette party in the Hamptons after receiving other proposals and was extremely happy with everything that he brought to the party! His menu suggestion was mouth watering, the decision to hire him was a no brainer! Eric worked with me through every step of the process, adjusting the menu for likes/dislikes of the girls right up until the day before, bringing everything you could think of with him including a server, we did not have to lift a finger! The courses were amazing, every single girl was gushing over the food and we all know how hard it can be to please 14 girls! The food not only tasted delicious, the presentation was very impressive. I am still debating which was better, the hand rolled cavatelli with roasted corn, mushrooms, scallops and a brown butter sauce, or the grilled skirt steak with farro and a summer bean salad. Luckily for me, I even enjoyed some left over sundried tomato tapenade the next day for lunch : ) The experience was one of the highlights of the weekend and exceeded my expectations. Would 100% recommend Eric to anyone and definitely plan on hiring him again soon!

Prithvi R. July 26, 2014

I'm not sure how I can write a positive enough review about Eric and his food.

We asked him to create a vegetarian menu for a casual family dinner, and the moment I received his menu, I knew we'd be in for a treat. Eric exceeded my already high expectations.

During each course, we were time and time again impressed by his creative ability to combine flavors in unique and unexpected ways with innovative techniques I'd never imagined before. The best part - all of it was delicious. Even the most picky eaters in the group were in love!

The thing that most impressed me about working with Eric was seeing how his thoughtfulness, care and love for food and hospitality came through in everything that he did. His meticulous attention to detail in the kitchen was evident in the richness of his cooking. He handled a very jovial and crazy atmosphere like a pro, and was somehow able to keep cooking his incredible food while engaging with the guests in the perfect way. Oh, and he literally left our kitchen sparkling!

I simply can't say enough about dinner with Eric, but all I can say is that we are already planning our next dinner with him.

Akshay R. July 25, 2014

Chef Eric is a true artist. He brought exciting seasonal vegetables the the table with an amazing level of creativity. He's also very down to earth and was flexible in adapting his menu to fit multiple dietary restrictions.

Highly recommend!

Katy W. July 14, 2014

I cannot recommend Eric highly enough. He made an amazing dinner for four of us, and it was a very memorable way to celebrate my sister's birthday.

He was clearly working hard the entire evening (he had a detailed check list he was working down for each course), but he was also warm and friendly and talked to us about both the dishes he was preparing and his experiences cooking and traveling the world. It was also fun to hear him describe how he selected and shopped for many of the ingredients.

Every course was incredible, but the white gazpacho was a real stand-out for me. The squid was also amazing. My mom came into the evening saying she didn't like squid, but she ate the whole thing and loved it!

He also left the kitchen EXTREMELY clean (definitely cleaner than it started).

You will not regret having Eric cook for your next dinner party, date night, or other occasion. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Dan K. July 14, 2014

Our evening with Eric was nothing short of incredible. In every facet of the experience, he exceeded expectations.

Prompted by nothing more than a request for a 'Spanish dinner', Eric put together a 6 course menu that was both inventive and focused on seasonal ingredients. He made sure to check in with me leading up to my event to make sure everything was good to go, then showed up right on time and went to work.

My guests and I did our best to distract Eric from the task at hand by peppering him with questions about his travels and experiences cooking at some of the best restaurants in the world. No such luck, however, as Eric maintained complete control of the kitchen while being personable, funny, and even posing for a couple of quick photos. The first course was served right on schedule.

Dinner itself was, quite simply, one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Each course was perfectly prepared and beautifully plated. His courses were thoughtful, often combining a traditional Spanish concept with Eric's own style. Favorites of the evening included the the white gazpacho and the whipped brown butter (served along with the skate.)

Finally, of course, Eric left the kitchen spotless. In fact, he consistently cleaned as he went, leaving nothing out that he wasn't using at that moment.

In short, I would strongly encourage anyone to book Eric. It will be a world class restaurant experience in your own home, your guests will love it, and you'll have one of the best meals of your life.

Michael S. June 18, 2014

Eric has unquestionably earned his perfect score on Kitchensurfing, his presentation, food and personality exceeded our expectations. We're looking forward to booking him again soon!

Christopher M. May 5, 2014

When I came across Eric's profile, I thought: "Oh wow." I asked Eric to put together a menu for 8-10 that reflected seasonality, sharing plates, and his range of cuisine (Italian, Basque, Greek, and modern American). He put together an incredible menu.

Eric was incredibly fast and responsive in communication. He showed up on time—well prepped and organized. Within minutes, my kitchen smelled great—it was his infused brown butter getting warm for the boquerones.

Overall: can't recommend Eric highly enough. He's friendly, smart, and loves food. He elevated simple dishes and he also did some beautiful plating (yes there were tweezers involved, he did spend a few years at Eleven Madison). When he left, everyone was full, and happy—and my kitchen was spotless.

He'd spent some time in some serious kitchens—but also had his own range of Italian, Greek, Basque, and

kristin c. April 22, 2014

Eric was the chef/host a friend's dinner party. He was a DELIGHT. He crafted a super special menu and his food was delicious - every dish with a story, which he introduced with each course. I was impressed at how Eric made a 10-person, 6-course meal seem effortless (yet clearly carefully curated)...including planning, prep, serving, answering questions, etc.

Eric is a worldly chef that is clearly passionate about giving his guests an incredible experience. Loved him and definitely trying to figure out when/where I can have him co-host something with me.

Brandon C. April 13, 2014

Eric was something of a phenom. He arrived having prepared for hours in advance. He was able to cook the near impossible in our 50 square foot kitchen, keeping it clean as he went! Highly recommended.

Coralie K. April 10, 2014

Did you ever dream of eating in a 3-star Michelin restaurant but thought you'd have to eat 1 dollar-pizza and/or ramen every day for a month until this day could come (so never).

What if you could have this experience, with a chef cooking just for YOU in your tiny but cute NYC sized kitchen? I told Eric: "Look I'd love to have 'some asparagus, some clams, some this, some that and TWO desserts also (duh)', is it possible, Chef?" and he just made it happen 1000x better than I was expecting (and boy, my friends know I have very high standards).

For the level of food and service we got for FOUR people, you wouldn't even have been able to pay for one person at Eleven Mad Park (wine not included). My friend who grew up hating asparagus was blown away by Eric's asparagus and buffalo mozzarella and thanked him for rekindling her lost relationship with the said green.

So, trust me, book Eric now-- though he's going to Italy for 5 weeks next month by the way. So after he comes back (and he better do, or I'll go get him).
Thank me back later.

Our menu by the way:

Sarah W. April 10, 2014

Eric is an amazing, detail oriented chef! He is very intentional with every ingredient choice-- his careful planning makes for such unique and nuanced dishes! From his descriptions, it is clear that Eric has culminated his past experiences to generate new and exciting flavors. My party- full of lovely foodies- was elated at the turns in each course! I recommend this chef to anyone who is searching for a fresh take on the dining experience!

Anna C. April 10, 2014

Eric was absolutely fantastic. He was quick to respond to all questions pre-party and he created a fabulous spring menu that accommodated all of our special requests (including two dessert courses!). He was highly professional, worked quickly and precisely, and left my kitchen even cleaner than when he arrived. But most of all, the meal was just beyond incredible. Every single course was so beautifully plated, created from the freshest ingredients, and with such thought and imagination. His passion for cooking was evident in every bite. I'd highly recommend Eric to anyone who appreciates really good food and wants to enjoy a unique dining experience in their own home.

Scott W. March 29, 2014

Eric, was professional and made us an awesome meal. Can't wait to book him again.

jamie m. March 24, 2014

Eric cooked a delicious Italian 5-course meal for a bachelorette party I hosted. The food was great and so was the service. He was very accommodating with menu requests and each course was better than the last one.
It was a really great experience and I would definitely book Eric again.