Experimenting with Lower Calorie Cookie Recipes

We have only been married for three years now and my hubby never had anyone cook for him before other than his mother, especially someone who enjoys it as much as I do. Everyday he praises me for my great cooking and while I eat up all that praise he eats up my Italian cooking, Lebanese, Hungarian and American cooking. Oh, and soon I will be submitting my recipe for Mediterranean stuffed and rolled Grape Leaves.

Getting back to the subject at hand as to my portly “cookie monster” hubby!

I decided to test some lower calorie cookie recipes soon to be released on him. One good rule of thumb is to replace the amount white flour in recipes with at least half whole wheat flour. Also, replace sugar with Splenda and one or two tablespoons of molasses for better flavor. The next thing to replace to make your cookie or cake recipes lower in calories is the butter. I now use 50% less fat “Blue Bonnet” margarine. Oh, and guess what my little “Cookie Monster” loves these lower calorie cookies. Imagine having all the good taste and half the calories. Most of my cookies only have 60 calories or less per cookie which really helps instead of the usual 150 calories per cookie. Well, maybe it is just love that makes him love all my new recipes but at any rate now is the time to get him used to healthier eating…while he is still in love with me. Chuckle!

Drop your cookies by the teaspoon instead of the tablespoon.

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OK, I know what you are thinking! Hubby will just pop the whole cookie in his mouth in one gulp. Well, yes, he does that, but, then I explained to him what Dr. Oz said about eating slower to get more satisfaction from your food, thereby loosing weight. I think he bought it! Right now in the honeymoon stage of our marriage that “sweetie” of mine will believe just about anything I say. So I guess now is the time to “Get her done!” This way we will live a longer life and enjoy those darling grandchildren of ours.

I also have incorporated more fish in our diet and very little red meat. Since my husband loves just about everything I make, I can think of many different ways to cut calories. So far he likes everything I prepare for him and due to that fact that love has blinded him, I think we both have a chance to get this weight off.

I will do a follow up article as to our progress!

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