Fantastic Trick to Removing Messes From Your Dishes

I have discovered a really fantastic trick to removing the most stubborn messes from my dishes. In this article I will explain my secret to you, and you can stop scrubbing and scouring your dishes! No matter how badly your dishes might be with baked on hard to remove food stains, you won’t need to resort to using a steel wool pad ever again! The trick is simple and chances are you will already have the secret ingredient inside your home already!

This trick is also a great way to reuse this common household item instead of automatically tossing it into the trash.

Anyone who bakes knows how hard it can be to get burnt and crusty dried food from dishes. Sometimes after baking something such as a casserole or scalloped potatoes you might consider throwing a dish away instead of scraping, soaking, scrubbing and soaking it again. I have had some messy casserole dishes that took me three or four days to get clean.

The next time you are faced with such a mess fill the dish with extremely hot and soapy water, as you would if you were just going to soak it. Then take a new or used dryer sheet and toss it into the hot soapy water. You can use a dryer sheet you have already used in the dryer, or cut about a third off of a new sheet. Let the dryer sheet water soak for about an hour for an average mess or as long as overnight for a very bad dried and baked food stain.

When you are ready to wash the dish, do so as normal. You will be pleased with the end result. If the stain is stubborn allow it to soak for a few more hours before attempting to clean the dish again. This cleaning method makes cleaning stubborn casserole and random baking disasters as easy as you can imagine. You won’t have to scrape anything off, and you won’t have to use a scouring pad! The baked on food will easily come off. In my experience I have yet to find a baking mess the dryer sheet method can’t take care of! There is no certain brand of dryer sheet you must use, they all work the same. This is a great way to use an item that normally goes into the trash after one use another time. It will also save you money on Brillo pads, so it is a win win situation. You will also save a lot of time and elbow grease when trying to clean up baked on food messes!

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