Five KitchenSurfing Choice Of Over the Range Microwaves for Efficient Space Usage

Over the range, microwaves are on the top list these days. When I renovated my place, I was very dedicated to designing my kitchen. It should look elegant and wired with hi-tech accessories, with microwaves at the top of my list. Hence, I went off to do a detailed market survey about the best available over-the-range microwaves that can serve as a clock, a cooking device, a preheater, and so much more.

Five KitchenSurfing Choice Of Over the Range Microwaves for Efficient Space Usage

But my main focus was to find the best over-the-range oven that can fit in perfectly with the space available in my kitchen, and that should be at least under 1.6 cubic feet of cooking space, along with the venting option and competent exhaust fans. Moreover, I compared the ovens based on power and wattage that falls below 1,000 watts, while the power ranges from one to ten.

Depending on these features, I have found the top 5 over-the-range microwaves at a discount that are the best picks, and I would like to share the details with you too.


Though this is on the higher side, about $239.99, I think it is best for the typical kitchen. This GE model is a high-quality microwave that goes perfectly with your kitchen and surroundings. This beautiful GE microwave is an excellent choice for modern kitchens.

It is a classy stainless steel line with about 1.6 cubic feet capacity and a cabinet width of 30 inches. It also consists of a handle on its door and a large open button, making it easy to open. It has six express cook options, inclusive of defrosting and beverages. The model is extra high on the usability scale.

The power level is about 10, and the exhaust fan has a speed of about 300 CFM. The additional features of this model are also very impressive. The 1,000-watt rating is above average and is enough to cook the food.

It has the perfect venting system that suits the kitchen without any complex controls. There are also some added benefits with this model, the turntable can be turned on or off based on the cooking, and the power levels can be programmed automatically or manually based on your preference.

Samsung ME21F707MJT

The Samsung ME21F707MJT over-the-range microwave is another best microwave ovens on the list, with standard features and stainless steel design. This over-the-range microwave also has a power level of about 1,000 watts. This oven model offers multi-stage cooking if you need to cook a specific food item with more than one power level.

This built-in microwave has an average capacity of about 2.1 cubic feet. The sensor can automatically adjust the cooking time by detecting the moisture in your food. The sensor cooking has the setting for pizza, popcorn, potatoes, veggies, and other frozen foods. Moreover, the sensor reheats the leftovers ensuring that the foods like pasta do not dry.

It has several autocycles that are programmed for specific foods. The auto defrosts option takes care of frozen beef, chicken, pork, and fish. It also has a preset for softening the butter and cream cheese or melting the chocolate. Also, you can cook the snacks such as chicken nuggets, potato chips, and pocket sandwiches quickly.

It has the best venting system that clears up to 400 cubic feet per minute of air at four different speeds. It even clears the air automatically if it detects too much heat or smoke radiating from the stovetop.


The LG LMV2031ST is one of the best picks if you want the biggest compartment and a powerful venting system. However, it will cost you about $300. However, the price is worth it with the 1000 wattage and a power level of up to 10.

Moreover, this model is perfect for cooking large meals with huge platters for the whole family. However, the size is not just what makes it perfect. The venting system of the LG model is quite impressive too. It uses a charcoal filter to reduce the smells and has one of the most potent fanning systems with three-speed options and about 400 CFM airflow.

It has a glass-like control panel which is easy to clean. Also, the sensor it consists of will automatically sense and set the time for the food items, including hotdogs, mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets. So if one of these is your favorite food item, this is the perfect oven for you.

Electrolux EI30BM60MS

If you are a fan of sensor cooking and want a perfectly delicious meal cooked without worrying, then Electrolux EI30BM60MS is the best available option. The robust sensors of this model with accessible cooking features make it one of the best over-the-range microwaves.

It has an additional oven rack that doubles the cooking space and makes it more efficient. It offers up to 1,000 watts and ten programmable power levels. The capacity is up to 1.8 cubic feet, which provides more cooking room.

It has robust sensors that detect the humidity in your food and then adjust the temperature accordingly. Hence, the sensors ensure that your food is perfectly cooked and not overdone.

There is also an availability of defrosting options. Though it does not use sensor technology, it still offers an accurately estimated time required. And if you finish cooking before it’s time for dinner, then you can use the Warm Hold feature to keep the food warm without nuking it.

Whirlpool WMH31017AW

This Whirlpool model is excellent if you need a smaller oven for your kitchen. It is 1.7 cubic feet tall, enough to handle most dishes. Moreover, it delivers 1,000 watts and consists of an exhaust fan with two-speed levels with a power of 220 CFM airflow.

It has a control panel that consists of food buttons to cook popcorn, potatoes, and some specific items with ease. This model is available in white color as well as in stainless steel to suit your kitchen looks.

Similar to the LG model, it has a hidden vent feature that is an added touch of simplicity. The only downside is that it lacks modern features like sensor cooking.

Samsung ME21F707MJT Vs LG LMV2031ST

The Samsung ME21F707MJT comes with standard features and stainless steel design. It delivers about 1,000 watts and offers multi-stage cooking. This model has an average capacity of approximately 2.1 cubic feet, along with the feature of sensor cooking.

The Samsung model has several auto cycles programmed for some specific foods with the best venting system that clears up to 400 CFM at four different speed levels.

On the other hand, the LG LMV2031ST also has a powerful venting system with 400 CFM of airflow but at three different speeds only. The LG model also delivers 1000 watts and a power level of up to 10 and has much capacity to cook large meals for the entire family.

Both models are perfect for modern cooking and are the best option available in the market. However, there is a little difference in price, but both models are worth spending.