From Dinner to Drinks: A Christmas Party Planning Checklist

From Dinner to Drinks: A Christmas Party Planning Checklist

Time flies, as the saying goes. Each year seems to zip by; with the months passing so fast, it’s hard to keep up. As we age, our perception of time changes. That’s why as a kid, the years seemed to stretch on forever. Fast forward to adulthood, and suddenly, it’s the end of the year again. 

And the end of the year heralds the silly season. The end of November into December is always hectic, with Christmas parties aplenty. Chances are you have a work function, some friend parties, and your own hosted Christmas party. But what if this year you’re a touch stumped as to what to do for your own Christmas party? Fear not, because this helpful article will share everything from dinner to drinks and will cover a Christmas party checklist. Read on to discover more.

Pick a Venue for Your Party

The first thing is first. You should choose between various Christmas party venues in Melbourne. There is a whole city out there, with most suburbs boasting party venues. This can be a tough decision. Here are some tips to narrow it down. 

First, consider the distance everyone has to travel. Ideally, you want a venue within half an hour’s drive for most people attending. This means more folks are likely to turn up as they don’t have to travel far to come and enjoy themselves. It also means those planning on a few drinks can catch taxis or rideshares without forking out for a long trip. 

After determining the best location, narrow the shortlist to two or three venues. Then, compare their prices for venue hire. Some venues will offer free room hire but insist that you purchase catering and a bar tab. Others will charge for the hire. Pick one that suits your budget and requirements. 

Pick a Date and Time

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of venue, it’s time to pick a date and a time to kick off the celebrations. Ideally, the first two weeks of December are the best time for a Christmas party. This is because as you get closer to Christmas Day, people get busier with friends, family, and other commitments. At a stretch, you could host a party early in the third week, but it’s not advised.

You need to also decide if your party will be held on a weekend or a weekday. There are pros and cons to both. People tend to take time off at the end of the year, so a weekday event is not out of the question. Weekends are also a good option because people tend to be more relaxed on weekends and more likely to have a fun time. The choice of the day might also depend on the availability of the venue and your guests. 

Once you’ve picked a day, pick a time. A midday start could be good for those with young children, whereas an evening time may be better for young singles. 

Organize the Catering

Work with the venue to arrange the catering for your Christmas party so that everyone gets fed and has a great time. They might have a set catering menu or give you some options to choose from. Be sure to advise them if any guests have specific dietary requirements. 

Consider a Theme

You may want to consider implementing a theme for your Christmas bash. For instance, a traditional Christmas party might include traditional decorations, a classic Christmas carol soundtrack, and a Christmas tree.

Another option for a theme is a Christmas sweater and pajama party, with everyone wearing either ugly Christmas jumpers or festive PJs. Other ideas could be asking everyone to come as their favorite Christmas character, such as Rudolf or Frosty, or asking everyone to go as a Christmas decoration.

Make Christmas Cocktails

You can make some Christmas-themed cocktails for the event or ask the venue to get their bar staff to mix up some seasonal beverages that will truly set the mood. 

Plan Some Christmas Games and Activities 

If you want to spice up your event, you can consider planning fun games or activities for everyone. There are Christmas-themed murder mystery games that many players can enjoy or Christmas movie trivia. Other ideas might include Christmas-themed bingo, charades, or Christmas carol karaoke. 

If you’re feeling like throwing a particularly happening party, you could even hire a DJ to spin some tunes. They could start with Christmas carols but switch the mood up as the night goes on and play some bangers to get everyone up on the dancefloor.

Host a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Another excellent Christmas party idea is hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange. You should know who’s coming to the event, and you can use this nifty online tool to generate the list of exchanges. Set a budget for the exchange, so no one goes overboard or cheaps out. 

A Cheery Christmas Conclusion

This helpful article has shared everything from dinner to drinks and how to plan the perfect Christmas party. We’ve covered everything from venue hire to catering, drinks, games, and activities; your end-of-year bash is a sure success now. Have fun, and stay safe!