How to Get the Most Out Of Your Air Turkey Fryer

The best oil less turkey fryer works by moving hot air at very high rates of speed all around the cooking chamber space surrounding your turkey. Given enough time, all this heat would start to melt the fatty exterior of your turkey as well as heat up its flesh. Now, keep in mind that all poultry, whether we are talking about ducks, pigeons, chickens, turkeys or geese, store a lot of fat under their skin. They have a protective layer of fat around them.

When you put a turkey in an air turkey fryer, the hot air as well as the heat emanating or radiating from the heating coil sends heat waves across the skin of the bird. This produces two effects. On the surface, it dries up the surface so that there is a protective skin layer all around the bird. At the same time, the high heat sinks through the flesh to melt the pockets of fat under the skin. If done right for the proper amount of time, your air turkey fryer delivers the Holy Grail of turkey preparation.

What is the Holy Grail? You are looking for a great combination of a crisp, very chewy and texture-rich exterior while enjoying a deeply flavorful, succulent juicy interior. Now, what complicates all of this is that the typical turkey is very big. In other words, the heat has to travel all the way from the exterior to the core of the bird.

Not surprisingly, most people who tried preparing their Thanksgiving turkey using a conventional are often disappointed. Why? When you carve the turkey deep enough, you are greeted with some nasty pink flesh. You have reached the part that is not thoroughly cooked.

On the other extreme is the very real possibility that you overcook your bird. In other words, while you are treated to a nice, crunchy exterior, the interior flesh is very dry and, in many cases, stringy. Thankfully, the air turkey fryer can solve his problem. You can assure yourself of a nice, succulent, juicy interior wrapped in a tasty, crunchy exterior.

To maximize the flavor that you get from your bird; however, you need to make sure that it is probably rubbed down with the right herbs and spices. You do not have to go Colonel Sanders of KFC fame on this. You do not have to whip out 11 herbs and spices. There is no need to go to that extreme.

Simply adding Italian spices can give your turkey a nice Mediterranean taste. Similarly, adding a little chipotle rub can put a Mexican spin to your turkey. If you are want to put a nice, little Chinese twist on your Thanksgiving feast, you only need to rub down your turkey with some soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger and sesame oil to give it a delightful Asian flavor.

Whatever the case may be, you need to get the most out of your air turkey fryer by taking the initiative to marinate properly, rub down on soak your turkey. Otherwise, you are still pretty much guaranteed a well-cooked bird, but it does not truly live up to its fullest flavor potential because you did not take extra steps to unlock that potential by properly rubbing it down, marinating it or otherwise preparing it for maximum flavor.

I am sure you don’t need me to remind you of how dry, stringy, and bland turkey meat can be. Sadly, the typical oven-baked bird delivers just this sort of meat. Talk about forgettable. Talk about sub-standard. Make no mistake about it, if you are a Thanksgiving host and are looking to impress your Thanksgiving feast guests, you need to hit the ball out of the park. Simply delivering a turkey to the table that doesn’t have any raw or undercooked parts would be setting the bar too low. The starting point for your guests’ expectations would be the fact that the turkey is cooked thoroughly. They are looking for something more. They are looking to be impressed when it comes to your bird delivering a truly distinctive taste. This is how you move the needle when it comes to overall perceptions of taste and value.

It helps to marinade the bird for at least a couple of days before the feast. Maybe you can score the skin of your marinating bird or you can use a baster to move fluids in the marinating bag your bird is in. This can go a long way in distributing the flavoring liquids so your bird will be tastier.