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Are you tired of cooking? Well, cooking different dishes every day is indeed hectic. This problem can be solved easily if you have a glass meal prep food storage container with you. This food storage container is made of glass as the name defines. It has three different compartments, and hence you get three containers packed in one.

This glass meal container has the smartest lock technology, which can help the container from leakage and also helps to make the container airtight as well. The leak-proof seal helps to lock the food. The glass of this best bento box is absolutely freezer safe, which will not break or wrap while freezing for a long time. This glass food storage container has handy cutlery compartments for those who want to eat anywhere at any time. Even each lid has a reusable cutlery set in bonus. The design of this type of food storage compartment is wonderful, especially for daily lifestyle.

Pack your meal in this container and have the food anywhere and anytime you want. Most importantly, this food storage container is also microwave safe so that you can heat and re-heat the foodstuff within the container itself. Undoubtedly an additional advantage.


The glass meal prep container consists of three different containers in a pack with three lids on it. It also offers three sets of plastic cutleries such as fork, spoon, and knife. This type of glass container has some wonderful unique features which make it an exception among all containers. It also helps to keep your food hot and safe for a longer period. The unique features are mentioned below. Let’s have a look at the features-

High-quality materials and Smart lock system:

Glass food storage container is made of high quality and durable glass so that it does not break easily and can last long years. This type of container or food storage box is leak-free and has smart lock technology that can lock your food or meal in an airtight seal to secure your food. Other food storage containers provide leaky lids that can’t secure your food from air and thus is not safe for your health.

Three compartment containers:

This type of glass meal food storage container includes three compartmental portions in total. This feature is appropriate for a portion of your food. If you are planning to take more than one dish for your Tiffin, then this feature comes out as an additional advantage. You can put your dishes accordingly. The cutlery components such as knife, spoon, and fork, which are re-usable, are placed in a lid compartment. This is another advantage of not taking a knife and fork separately.

Customer care promise:

This food storage container is made for school going kids, office goers, or even for family dinner to keep your food safe and healthy for a longer time. In case if a customer does not like to have this container after purchasing, then it can be returned, and the refund will be made after 2 to 3 working days. The main goal of the company is customer satisfaction.


The most stressful thing every evening is what to cook for dinner. This food storage container will help you out easily from this tension as it provides all a total of three compartments. Prepare different dishes in an evening and store the leftovers in this glass container and you can easily have those dishes on the next day without cooking, just put the container in an oven or in a microwave to enjoy a hot home-cooked meal.


  • Product dimensions: 9.84×7.87×10.63 inches (full set)
  • Item weight: 6.55 Pounds
  • Volume: 34 oz. total
  • Weight: 2.23 lbs per piece, 6.68 lbs per set
  • Shipping weight: 6.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: HomeNative Ltd.
  • Customer reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Bestseller rank: 1375
  • Included: Three containers, three lids and three sets of plastic cutleries, (knife, spoon, and fork)


Glass meal prep container has to be cleaned properly regularly, and the process of cleaning is easy. Take four tablespoons of baking soda or one tablespoon of a liquid dishwasher in a cup of warm water and then pour the mixture in the container and rub it with soft cleaner until the odor disappears. After that, rinse and dry.

Another technique of washing or cleaning glass container is to stuff your food storage container with newspaper and keep it for a day. Then remove the newspaper and wash your container with hot and soapy water and make it dry. The newspaper helps to absorb the odor easily.


  • Consists of smart lock technology to keep the meal in the airtight container and are also leak proof.
  • This container is made of high-quality, durable glass, which is freezer safe.
  • It is ideal for use in an oven or a microwave.


  • The cutlery sets which are provided with this container are made of plastic, which is not good for health.


Some people think that plastic containers are convenient as they are lightweight, portable, and cannot break down. But you need to know that using plastic containers to carry your meal causes dangerous health problems. Plastics get heated after getting touched by the hot foods, and thus your meal becomes unsafe for your health. But, glass can be used safely as glass is secure for hot foods or liquids.

Any types of chemicals cannot be leached while hot foods are put in the glass containers. Even glass can be washed easily by the dishwasher, and the nonporous surface of the glass cannot absorb any germs. Thus, the bad smell cannot come out easily. Glass containers are also re-usable; reusing your glass containers for a long period won’t kill your health for sure. So, throw out your plastic containers in the bin and start using this glass meal container to enjoy your meal any time on the go.

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