A Great Easy to Make Turkey Recipe


A Great Turkey Recipe for Thanksgiving or Christmas



Orange x 1 large

Satsuma x 1

Apple x 1 medium

Carrot x 1 large

Onion x 1 large

Mushrooms approx 10 large

Bacon x 1 pack

Butter (real not margarine) 8 oz.


Pre-heat the oven to approx. 375F.

Wash and quarter mushrooms, peel carrot and cut in half, peel onion and cut in quarters, quarter apple and core, peel Satsuma and leave whole, peel orange and cut in half. Clean your turkey and remove the insides (neck etc.) then stuff all the above ingredients into the center of your turkey. Slip you hand between the turkey’s skin and the meat then take the butter and slide it under the skin (this is a pretty gross job but the outcome is worth it) all over the breast and the back then try to smooth out the lumps. After this take the bacon and completely layer it over all the turkey, including the legs etc. than lastly sprinkle a little pepper over the top of your turkey not too much though. Wrap your turkey in foil and place in an ovenproof dish; some stores have specific aluminum dishes for turkeys. Add approx. one inch or two of water to your dish then place in the oven.

If you have brought a turkey with a built in thermometer then great you can just wait for that to just pop up, then about 30 minutes before you take the turkey out of the oven, uncover the top of the turkey and put back in the oven for the rest of the time (30 mins approx) until your turkey goes a beautiful golden brown with a nice crispy skin. If your turkey has not got a built in thermometer, you will just have to check after a few hours, it is important for your turkey to cook slowly.

The reason for the butter and bacon will now be evident because when your turkey is ready to eat it will be very succulent and juicy not dry as some turkeys turn out. BUT, remember before you serve your turkey remove all the stuffing, this will have given your turkey a very festive but wonderful taste that will receive many compliments.

This recipe has been a hand me down through the many generations of my family and I have just added and subtracted to find what I like the best and what suits my family the most. You can easily change out the stuffing to suit yourself, for example adding sage with your onion, or adding tomatoes etc. this is a great recipe to personalize, but as you can see I didn’t add salt as the bacon is salty enough and also the individual can add their own salt. Enjoy.

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