Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine Review

Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine Product Image

With a bread maker manufactured by Hamilton Beach, you’ll be able to provide your friends, family, and guests with delicious bread within a short period of time. Delicious bread baked to perfection, you’ll be able to fit this compact and sleek, yet inexpensive machine within the counter space of your home.

Tending to the needs of those with and without gluten intolerances, you’ll find that this machine has an incredible number of features.

Breakdown of the Features

The Hamilton Beach Bread Machine has an abundance of features including:

  • Without preservatives, gluten-free capabilities
  • 12 settings – French, gluten-free, sweet, quick bread, 1.5lb express, 2lb. express, jam, cake, dough, whole grain + bread setting
  • Dark, medium, or light crust settings
  • Non-stick pan
  • Delay timer for the addition of ingredients
Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine, 2-Pound Bread Maker with Gluten-Free Setting 29882 Product Image
The Hamilton Beach Programmable Bread Machine creates the perfect bread, every time!

Attractive in design, the aesthetics aren’t the only aspect of this bread maker that you’ll find attractive. You can create delicious loaves of bread that are preservative-free and even gluten-free for those with sensitivities. Beyond this, you’re able to customize to light, dark, or medium crust settings to please even the pickiest of people in your family or guest pool. It’s worth mentioning that the non-stick pan allows you to use it in the dishwasher and provide a nice cleaning without residue sticking to the pan of the bread machine.

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The incorporation of a delay timer allows the bread machine user to incorporate ingredients when they need it. In doing so, this provides a seamless experience and allows you to start the baking process later rather than now – but you can put the ingredients in before you forget!

For those who have very particular needs and desires when it comes to their bread, you’ll enjoy Hamilton Beach’s setting list that includes express methods of baking 1.5-2lbs. of bread, dough settings, jam, cake, bake, whole grain, and many more. In having this feature, you’ll be able to make items beyond bread, as well as make them to perfection.

The addition of non-slip feet makes it so that surfaces that are oily or reacting to the vibration of the machine will eliminate the possibility of it moving on you. Beyond this, your machine is equipped with an extra kneading paddle so that one paddle can be washed and the other can be used simultaneously.

While all of the aforementioned features are attractive, you may be a bit overwhelmed as to how you can begin creating. If you’ve never handmade bread before, you may be looking into purchasing a bread machine. Fear not, as there are gluten-free and whole-grain recipes included for even the most amateur of users.

Things We Loved

Being able to create foods that go beyond bread allows you to eliminate other mini appliances in your kitchen. In doing so, you can free up some extra countertop space and have more room for other dinner creations while your bread bakes. Having an extra kneading paddle will allow you to save time and create more as another is washing.

For big family events like Thanksgiving or other holidays, this accessory is a blessing in disguise. The little things matter when it comes to investing in household appliances.

Tending to the needs of those with and without gluten intolerance, you’ll find that this machine has an incredible number of features. One last advantage (although there are many others) that we’ll discuss is the 12 different settings for how to make your bread. The product manual gives you a detailed guide on how to use each setting.

If you want it fast and heavy (2lbs), there’s an express setting for you. If you want gluten-free or to bake some pizza dough, you’ll enjoy this bread maker. For those who want to incorporate nuts and fruits within your bread, you can do this, too!

Things That Can Be A Bit Better

Even though this bread maker by Hamilton is very attractive on paper, there are naturally some disadvantages that others may not like. However, the ones we’ll be discussing may not affect the total performance of the bread maker. One disadvantage of this bread maker is that it can’t create over 2lbs. of bread at one time, nor can it provide more than 2lbs. in an express manner.

If your family size is over 4-6, you’ll want to find another bread maker. Smaller families or those who don’t eat often will find solace in this Hamilton Beach bread making machine.

If you’re someone who enjoys larger bread machines so you can create longer loaves, you’ll unfortunately not want this one (unless it’s not that much of a factor). The aforementioned is largely due to the compact size of the bread pan in this machine.

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a fantastic bread maker that provides exactly what it says it will – in a timely manner, too! Compact and sleek for even the tiniest of homes, it can provide an abundance of bread despite its size. A striking performance from a machine that boasts an abundance of features, you won’t regret welcoming this machine into your home. Practical and inexpensive, those with and without gluten intolerances can once again enjoy eating together without fearing that they won’t be able to. The Hamilton Beach bread maker is a machine that brings people together in subtle ways.

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