Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker (B07LG82F81)

Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker 110LBs with 29LBs Storage Capacity Ice Maker Machine Stainless Steel Portable Automatic Ice Machine Perfect for Restaurants Bars Cafe with Scoop and Connection Hoses

Happy buy commercial ice maker is of weight 110 Lbs and storage capacity of 29LBs. It is the portable automatic ice making machine which is made of stainless steel. The happy buy ice maker is perfectly suitable for bar cafes, connection houses, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, coffee shops, hospitals, schools, and various other places.

You need not worry about the shortage of ice as it makes, ready to service ice within 11 to 16 minutes of the 29 lbs bin capacity. The bin is convenient to freeze ice, and the timely ice-making meets your variant needs.

The easy operation of the buttons like ice making, thickness adjustment (for ice cubes), high & low temperature, and other buttons helps you in the easy control and operation of the ice maker. In the 24 hours, happy buy commercial ice maker can make 50 KG of 110 lbs with the use of a powerful compressor. It contains the environment-friendly, safe, and food-grade inlet of water that is reassuring quality. It contains the ice plate of multi-grade to get higher efficiency.

The ice-making equipment/machine is easy to clean, sanitary, and durable. It contains the digitalized control panel to set time for making ice according to your requirements.

We can look into the detailed information regarding some of the features of Happy buy commercial ice maker.

Ice Making Adjustment

The excellent ice-making ability allows you to adjust according to your requirement

• Thin ice cubes thickness takes around 5 to 8 minutes

• Middle ice cubes thickness takes around 8 to 11 minutes

• Thick ice cubes thickness takes around 11 to 15 minutes.

Food Preservation: You have to place the food and place the ice cubes on it. If you place the food on the ice cubes, the temperature lowers below ice cubes. To avoid this situation, you have to place ice cubes on the food applying the ice absorption principle.

Medical Beauty & Beverages Cooling: We all know that the ice cubes are important to look beautiful with a simple message. As the quick ice cube making operation in this ice maker is useful to get ice cubes within minutes. For beauty parlor, ice cubes required, and other beauty-related places that require ice maker can get a Happy buy commercial ice maker.

The restaurant, bars, schools, supermarkets, etc. places should contain this ice maker to make and store ice cubes in large amounts and to make quick ice cubes.

Design: The design of the Happy buy commercial ice maker is simple, portable, and convenient for low space commercial shops. In simple words, it looks like an ATM to get easy access to store ice, to take out the ice cubes, and other things.

Easy Installation & Operation: The Happy buy commercial ice maker is easy to install at good water inflow. It is easy to use the control panel of the ice maker to perform various operations like cleaning, ice making, etc.

Energy-saving: The 310-watt compressor helps to save a lot of energy. It requires less power to operate continuously. Even you use the ice maker continuously, you will not get you high power bills when compared to other ice makers.

Highlighted Features

  • Auto-cleaning button on the control panel
  • 310-watt compressor
  • The outer body is made of stainless steel
  • 11 to 18 minutes to make thick ice cubes.
  • 50 Kg / 110 lbs in 24 hours
  • Quick operational panel
  • 49 lbs of weight
  • 66.1 Lbs

Pros and Cons of the Happy Buy commercial Ice Maker

Before buying any product, most of the people look into the pros and cons of it. We hope Happy buy commercial ice maker reviewing customers are looking for the same. So, providing the pros and cons of the Happy buy commercial ice maker.


  • Easy to operate
  • Makes ice quicker
  • The ice-making capacity is sufficient for bars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc
  • Portable
  • It is comfortable for personal and commercial purposes.


  • Minor issues with a filter system.
  • It feels hard to open the door until you are accustomed to it.
  • You have to attach the drainage and water inlet pipe perfectly; otherwise, you may face leakage issues.

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