Hate Being in the Kitchen? Here’s How to Fall (Back) In Love With It

Hate Being in the Kitchen? Here’s How to Fall (Back) In Love With It
Modern, bright, clean kitchen interior with stainless steel appliances in a luxury apartment.

The kitchen is often deemed as the heart of the home, but not everyone sees it that way. Some people have never had a good relationship with their kitchens in the first place, for some reason or another. Maybe they’ve never had a passion for cooking, or they were too busy to enjoy this space or use it to its full potential. Others may have started out on the right foot, being quite fond of their kitchen, but have fallen out of love with it down the line. When you live in the same house for a long period of time, and nothing changes, it’s normal to get bored of the things you see every day and stop appreciating them. The same things can happen with kitchens. 

Regardless of your particular situation or the reasons for the fallout, the good news is you don’t have to change your house or your kitchen completely to see things in a new light. A few smart tweaks can do the trick and save you the hustle and bustle of going through a major remodel project. So, here are some expert-recommended tips that can help you build a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your kitchen. 

Declutter your kitchen 

We all know that keeping a kitchen clean and tidy can be a real hassle, even if you don’t cook every day. It’s a space that seems to attract clutter and chaos like a magnet, no matter what you do, so you may not be able to see what’s right in front of you, quite literally. If every time you turn around, you bump into something or you have to spend ages searching for a tool, it’s no wonder you dread going into the kitchen. 

Hiding the clutter inside drawers or behind closed cupboard doors isn’t going to help much, as you’re only masking the problem and making it worse over time. Therefore, you need a better solution to fix this issue, and that might require a bit of effort on your part. First, you’ll have to decide what kitchen items you want to keep and what needs to go. Then you have to implement smart storage solutions that can help you organize all your items and keep them that way. Once you’re done with the decluttering session, you’ll finally be able to display the best Cuisinart coffee maker in all its might, enjoy neat and shiny countertops, and use your kitchen without having to go through a labyrinth of objects. 

Play around with colors and patterns 

You can reward yourself for getting the clutter out of the way and restoring your kitchen’s functionality by having a bit of fun with two design elements that can make a huge difference in terms of visual appeal: color and pattern. A fresh coat of paint can bring even the dullest of kitchens back to life. Colors have a transformative power, so they can make the space look bigger, brighter, bolder, or softer, depending on the hues you choose and where you decide to use them. 

Similarly, patterns can instantly add character and interest to a room, so you can integrate them into your kitchen design if you’re looking to make a small change with a big impact. And if you don’t want to commit to statement patterned backsplash tiles as you might get bored of them over time, you can always resort to temporary wallpapers instead. They’re a lot cheaper, and you can replace them whenever you feel like changing the look of your kitchen. 

Upgrade your appliances and accessories 

For a kitchen to become more appealing and welcoming, it has to be both beautiful and practical. There’s no point in having a picture-perfect kitchen if it doesn’t help you get the job done. So, maybe what keeps you from spending more time in the kitchen is not an outdated design but the fact that it doesn’t match your needs and requirements. 

When it comes to improving your kitchen’s functionality, using highly efficient appliances and accessories is the way to go. And no, you don’t have to break the bank to upgrade kitchen appliances. You can purchase the best coffee maker under 100 dollars and find great deals for blenders, food processors, pans and pots, and all the appliances and utensils you might need to make life easier in the kitchen. Obviously, you’ll have to shop around for it, but we’re sure your efforts will pay off. 

Add a touch of green 

For most people, transforming a space comes down to changing the furniture, moving objects around, throwing some colors in the mix, and using decorations to spruce things up. You might think that covers all possibilities, but there’s an element that’s often left out of the equation: plants. 

Decorating with plants and flowers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change the look and feel of a room. And the best part about it is you don’t need to have a green thumb to keep house plants alive. There are plenty of hard-to-kill plant species that can survive even if you neglect them for a while and can withstand the less-than-favorable conditions of an intensely used kitchen. So, all you have to do is visit a flower shop and pick a few green friends to take them home with you. 

Brighten it up

Let’s not forget about lighting. There’s no way for you to enjoy your kitchen if you have dark corners that make it look dull or if you’re having trouble cooking because the working area is not properly lit. The obvious solution is to replace your lighting fixtures or add new fittings wherever necessary to help balance out the space and brighten it up. 

A well-lit area can make the space a lot more inviting. So this trick, along with the rest of the tips we’ve mentioned, can turn your kitchen into your favorite room in the house. And if you don’t believe us, we dare you to give these tips a try and see how it goes.