How Often Should You Replace Your Coffee Maker?

As much as we love our brewing equipment and are happy for their years of service, there will come a time when we sadly have to give them the boot. Even when you check out these reviews of the best coffee makers, one thing you’ll notice is that all the products have expiration dates.

How Often Should You Replace Your Coffee Maker?
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That said, how often should you replace your coffee maker? A decent coffee maker should give you about five useful years before it starts doing things to your coffee that could affect your health. Beyond that, it might not be able to do anything at all. Then, there are high-end brewing machines that can give you up to ten good years of service.

Nevertheless, whatever coffee maker you end up buying, you need to realize that a replacement will be in order sooner or later. So, now that we’ve covered how often replacements should happen, let’s tackle why they need to occur in the first place.

When To Replace Your Coffee Maker

Several signs indicate your coffee maker is no longer performing up to par. This means one or more of its functions could be affecting the coffee-brewing process negatively. Given that your machine doesn’t actually stop operating, it could be wasting electricity, making poor-tasting coffee, or putting you in a potentially dangerous situation.

When Water No Longer Heats Up

Most of us love our coffee piping hot, but when water no longer heats up enough to allow that, then it’s high time for a replacement coffee maker.

You can clean and descale your coffee maker as much as you want, but when the heating elements start giving up, no amount of maintenance work can revert the process. Hence, all you can do is replace your machine with a new one.

Years and years of water passing through a machine’s heating elements is usually the culprit in this scenario. The minerals left behind by water build up and eventually impact the way the device heats the water.

A Broken Coffee Maker

If it’s broken, it’s broken. There’s no way around it. Even though it took time for your coffee maker to get to the point of no return, the time has now come, and you need to find yourself a replacement.

If your brewing equipment broke way ahead of schedule, there could have been something wrong with it initially. In case you have doubts about your model’s quality, get in touch with the manufacturer to see if they could help fix the situation. In that way, when their device is confirmed defective, you can get a replacement for free instead of spending money on a new one.

Coffee makers can go through a slew of issues, from faulty pumps and cracked interiors to leaking sections and irreplaceable parts. When any of these things happen, it’s safe to say you should have your coffee maker replaced. Of course, should any of these problems occur while the device is under warranty, there’s a good chance the manufacturer will be able to provide a solution for you?

Still, there are instances when working things out with the manufacturer is more trouble than it’s worth. You could be asked to spend for part of the servicing or to pay for the shipping. In these situations, you’re better off purchasing a new coffee maker to replace the busted unit.

When the Machine Is Too Old School

We get the appeal of old school when it comes to aesthetics, but when it concerns function, you probably don’t want to be stuck with something that predated your parents. Most dated coffee machines tend to experience all sorts of maintenance issues. Even with great maintenance, they still might not be able to produce the coffee you want. Keep the device if you want, but spending for their upkeep, so you can use them daily, is no longer practical.

It might be time to pick up that new coffee machine you’ve had your eye on for a while. You know, the one that brews coffee and froths milk, as well? But that would be a great investment and better than the dinosaur you currently own.

When Your Taste in Coffee Has Evolved

Maybe you like your coffee differently now than you did back then? If that happens, perhaps your current coffee machine would no longer be up to the task of giving you what you need. Your taste in coffee might have gone from simple to profound, and you might want to trade in that drip machine for a newer and fancier espresso. That’s a perfectly good reason to replace your coffee maker.

Adapt Your Coffee Maker To Your Changing Needs

As a coffee lover, you don’t want to be stuck with a machine that doesn’t or no longer caters to your specific needs. When your brewing equipment fails to adapt to your current coffee lifestyle, there’s absolutely no question that it should be given the boot right then and there.