How To Add Color To Your Kitchen’s Design

Kitchens aren’t an area of the home we usually think about when we redecorate. There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest reason is how modular kitchens are these days. People often conflate redecorate to mean remodel, and you can see why this may put people off. Remodeling a kitchen is a long and expensive process, but you can redecorate your kitchen cheaply and quickly.

How To Add Color To Your Kitchen's Design

If you’re working with a tight budget or limited timescale, there are a few ways to redecorate small areas of your kitchen in ways that completely change the look of the room. Any way you can add new colors to your kitchen will make it look fresh and new. So for this article, we’ll be looking at how you can add more color to your kitchen and give it a new and improved look!

Colour Pop Your Cabinets

First off, we have a straightforward redecoration project that massively alters the look of your kitchen, which is color-popping your kitchen cabinet doors. Color popping refers to using bold and vibrant colors to contrast against more natural tones, making it perfect for kitchens that usually have very neutral designs.

So, all you need to do is find a bright color you like, remove your kitchen cabinet doors and repaint them in your new color. This will add a new lease of life to your kitchen, and most visitors will be impressed, thinking that your kitchen looks brand new.

Add Bright New Blinds

Another great way you can easily add more color to your kitchen is with window blinds. Window blinds are an area of the kitchen that is often neglected because older style blinds used to be very delicate and could be damaged by wear and tear in kitchens, luckily though modern blinds like Vertical Blinds can be made with sturdy materials like PVC, which won’t be damaged by general use in a kitchen.

If your kitchen has blinds, you need to replace them, or if your kitchen does not have blinds, you’ll need to measure up your window and buy some blinds for your kitchen. Make sure to look for blinds in a color that contrasts well with the rest of your kitchen’s décor, or if you already have some bold streaks of color, try to match it up to the pre-existing color.

Bring Nature Into The Kitchen

Finally, we move on to what may be the most straightforward project in this article by using nature as décor in your kitchen. In a kitchen, there are a few ways you can utilize nature. The main ways to do this are with plants and fruits to give a natural feel and add in some bold colors.

Houseplants are great for adding green colors and tones to a kitchen. A potted plant is always an excellent décor choice. If you want a more useful addition, planting some small herbs in your kitchen will give you a natural look and provide you with ingredients for cooking. Or, by using fruit, you can add color to your kitchen with a fruit bowl. What fruits you have will change depending on what colors you want, but citrus fruits are usually the best for this when adding in yellow, green, or orange hues to a kitchen.