How to Best Reheat Ribs


How To Best Reheat RibsIf you’re a meat lover, then ribs are probably one of your most favorite parts. They can just be prepared in a variety of ways. And they’re especially ideal for grilling. Whenever you feel like grabbing your Grilling Tools and Grilling Cookbook for some barbecuing, bringing out the ribs is the first thing you want to do.

If you’re having friend or family over and you’re thinking about setting up an outdoor party, then what’s better than just cooking and serving ribs on the fly? They’re almost universally loved. So, choosing them is a no-brainer.

But sometimes as a host, you might overestimate the number of ribs that you’ll need to serve, and you end up cooking more than mouths can handle. Everybody went home, and you’re just there having to deal with a bunch of cooked ribs with no one to enjoy eating them. You don’t want to throw those delicious ribs in the Garbage Disposal of course. The kids might like to eat them the next day, but they surely won’t taste the same.

In situations like these, you might start to wonder as to how you can keep leftover ribs stored in a FoodSaver, Food Storage Container, or a Compact Refrigerator and ready to be eaten again without losing their barbecue taste.

After digging around for a while, we managed to come up with the best guide we can imagine that would help you reheat your cooked ribs while still maintaining their off-the-grill taste.

The Best Method for Reheating Ribs

Ribs are usually served hot right off the grill.

If you happen to experience the misfortune of having to deal with cold ribs, you’ll be happy to know that reheating them isn’t much of a hassle. In addition to that, we even have some methods for you that will let you retain the barbecue taste of the ribs after reheating.

Using the Oven to Reheat Ribs

This one here is the best way to do it. If you want to reheat ribs without worrying about them losing their taste, use the oven (be it a Convection Oven or a Roaster Oven). Now, while it will take a bit of time, the final result is definitely worth the wait.

So, this is what you’ve got to have:

  • The oven, obviously (along with your Oven Thermometer)
  • BBQ sauce
  • Baking Pan
  • 2 sheets of aluminum foil to wrap the ribs when you reheat them

What to do:

  1. Crank up the oven to 250° and let it warm up
  2. Pour Barbecue sauce over the ribs then wrap them up in aluminum foil
  3. After you make sure to cover the ribs properly with the foil, wrap them up in a second sheet
  4. After the oven has heated up, place the ribs in the pan and put it inside the oven. Don’t forget to have your Oven Mitt Safety first!
  5. Let them cook for about 20 minutes to half an hour, depending on how many ribs you’ve got cooking.
  6. After taking them out, let them cool off on the Cooling Rack for a bit, then enjoy your ribs!

Also, make sure not to tear the foil, because that will cause the ribs to dry out.

Using the Grill

Another awesome way for reheating ribs is using the grill. Of course, we all want the ribs to taste as if they were just cooked and the grill makes sure of that, thankfully. Besides the incredible taste, I got to admit; I’m a real sucker for those grill marks that are left on the meat after cooking it.

So, this is what you’ve got to have:

  • Guess what? A grill! It doesn’t matter which type you use. But I have to say, the Smokey flavor that comes with the charcoal grill adds to the taste. Even an Indoor Grill would do the trick though, so work with what you have.
  • Barbecue equipment, including the sauce

What to do:

  1. First of all, what you’d want to do is clean up that grill if it hasn’t been in a while
  2. As we’ve mentioned before with the oven, you’ll have to cover those tasty ribs with some barbecue sauce before letting them cook. Not only does the sauce bring extra flavor to the meat, but it also keeps it from drying out.
  3. Light up the grill, make sure the heat is medium and put the ribs on top
  4. Turn the ribs over after about 2 to 3 minutes
  5. Keep doing the same thing until you know they’re done

As we’ve mentioned before, the barbecue sauce is essential for making sure the ribs don’t dry out. So use it another time once they’re done, just to be sure.

Using the Microwave

If you’re looking for easy and quick, this is the one for you. If you’re not in a situation where you can use a grill or an oven, the Microwave is your best choice. Still, I’d prefer not to go with this method.

So, this is what you’ve got to have:

  • You guessed it, a Microwave
  • A container made of plastic or glass (make sure that whatever you use is appropriate for Microwave use. Meal Prep Containers will do)

What to do:

  1. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that we’ll need some barbecue sauce. Cover the ribs up and place them in the container.
  2. Choose medium heat for the Microwave after you place the container inside of it. Make sure the Microwave is clean before doing so.
  3. Let them heat up for about 5 minutes and then check to see if they’re ready
  4. If they still need some time, put them back in for extra 3 minutes and when they’re ready, serve them on your Dinnerware Set. Bon Appetite.

How to Maintain the Juiciness When You Reheat?

If you’re going to reheat the meat, get ready to get some dried-up ribs if you don’t prepare first. Here’s what you need to do to maintain the juice.

Barbecue sauce! Again! Yup, if you want to do it properly, BBQ sauce is your best choice. If you don’t have any of it available when you need it, use some butter instead.

Besides that, sometimes your food does not get reheated evenly and you only find out about it when you take a bite and find a cold spot in the middle of the thing. To prevent that, make use of a cooking thermometer. A cooking thermometer will inform you of the inner temperature of the food you’re cooking to get an evenly cooked meal.

To Wrap Things Up

So, what have we learned today about reheating ribs? Do you want to do it quickly? The microwave is the way to go. But I personally won’t recommend it as it tends to make the meat dry out, even if you cover it up in BBQ sauce or butter. At the end of the day, I advise that you only use this method if you have no other choice. If you’re running late or you have no oven or grill at your disposal, I guess there’s only the microwave to save you.

On the other hand, using the grill to reheat the ribs is your ideal way of getting nice and juicy ribs. But some might not find the idea of setting up the grill just to reheat some old ribs very appealing. But that shouldn’t be a problem. Why, you ask?

Because the oven is here to save us all.

The oven is just the best choice to go with if you want to reheat any kind of meat while maintaining the flavor.

While it may be a relatively slow process, it does not drag for too long. Add to that the fact that you don’t really have to oversee the ribs cooking as you should with the Microwave or the grill.

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