How To Clean Dishes After Cockroaches? The Best You Can Do!


Hey! What’s up? Today’s blog is about the Cockroaches that invade your house and make you feel uneasy. I am pleased to share with you the reasons and solutions for Cockroach invasions. So, without wasting time, let’s hop onto the invasion process.

How To Clean Dishes After Roaches?

  • According to researchers; to clean dishes perfectly you must use hot water that mostly kills the harmful germs on your dishes.
  • Most people think that their dishwasher is enough to kill bacteria and germs; they are in illusions that their dishwasher is antibacterial. But generally, dishwashers are not antibacterial; so while purchasing grocery you must see the label whether your dishwasher is antibacterial or not. So, when you will wash the roach invaded dishes; dishwashers will kill the harmful bacteria and next time you will feel easy to eat food in those dishes. 

Don’t try to use insecticides or pesticides on your dishes because they are not safe for your food dinnerware. They are safe for usage on floors etc.

What Type of Roach Is In My Home?

Roaches that are usually found in our homes are German roaches. This is the most common issue in every home one after the other. Don’t worry and don’t feel clumsy while washing dishes after Cockroaches. There are many ways and procedures through which you will not feel itchy while washing away the roaches.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Here is a way you can surely get rid of roaches. In general, to approach dishes in your kitchen, roaches must have to enter your home from the floor. 

You will need,

  1. A flour bag
  2. Borax
  3. Sugar

Steps you will need to follow,

  1. Mix the flour bag, borax, and sugar. Millards Borax Powder is one of the best ones out there.
  2. Cover your floor of the kitchen and some specific places on your house floor with it.

When the roaches come out of their hiding place to eat sugar and there the borax will act as a poison and provide a sticking capacity to hold the roaches at that place. You will see after some days almost all cockroaches and their larvae are dead.

Why Do Cockroaches Attack Dishes?

When you leave your dishes in the kitchen sink with the leftover food and don’t wash your dishes immediately and they remain all night in the sink; then roaches found out the source of How To Clean Dishes After Roaches?food for them. There are different reasons for roaches attacking the dishes. Another reason can be that they enjoy eating and invading the places that are wet. If we see broadly, then in one way we are ourselves providing a chance to roaches to attend our kitchen or home. Roaches are already nocturnal so they attack the food that you ate during nighttime because of the food mostly.

How Do Cockroaches Intrude In Your Home?

They can enter your house by a source of groceries you bought. By the waste in front of your house or by the storeroom that has so many things placed randomly. It’s not necessary that whether your house is dirty or not,  these roaches will come and intrude in your house no matter what. These are very common creatures. Roaches love food, water, and wet places. They love to wander at night. They make their residence in the cracks of walls and you will never know for sure whether there is one roach in your home or thousands of roaches at a time.

Are Cockroaches Harmful?

Roaches are not harmful in the sense that they are considered as common as house flies. But for the human body; they can be harmful if they enter the body through the nose or mouth How To Clean Dishes After Roaches?while sleeping. Cockroaches are surely tiny creatures, but they are not liked by anyone. They can cause asthma and can severe the condition of an asthma patient. 

They also sometimes bite the human skin. It simply results in allergy or irritation; nothing serious. In the case of food; as I discussed before, they have bacteria of different types like salmonella and E.coli bacteria. If we eat food in the dishes that are poisoned by roaches without properly cleaning those dishes; then it may lead to food poisoning and gastric diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and the other one is poliomyelitis.

What Are Some Tips To Keep My Home Roach Free?

Before hopping on to the tips I would like to tell you the three important elements which lead to the cockroaches making your home theirs. The three elements are; food, water, and shelter. Getting rid of these three elements will permanently get rid of any chances of them invading your home. Here are some tips through which you can make your home pest-free.

  • No Dirty Dishes:

NEVER ever leave your dirty dishes overnight, even if you are leaving them in the sink. Don’t have the time to wash dishes? Just soak them in a soapy water solution or rinse them with water to prevent them from attracting the roaches.

  • Water Source:

Exposed water sources are like a drinking hole for roaches. Keep in mind that water sources outside your home can also lead cockroaches into the house.

  • Wipe Wipe Wipe!

All areas where food was either made or consumed should be wiped properly so as to remove any residue of the food. Frequent wiping ensures that no spillage is left behind for the roaches to feed over.

  • Garbage Free House: 

Make sure to take the garbage out every night or every evening. If that doesn’t seem possible for you because of some reason then just ensure that your bins are equipped with lids that can be screwed shut.

  • Clean Dishwasher; Happy Life:

Leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher? That’s a big NO NO. When you wash the dishes also remember to clean the dishwasher itself. Also, check the filter for and stuck food scraps.

Tips: Clean the dishwasher with hot water by running regular cleaning cycles in an empty dishwasher.

What Are The Precautions To Protect My Dishes From Roaches?

Some other precautions to protect your dishes from them are, Keep your dishes sanitized with soapy water in a sink, if you cannot wash them at night. Always clean your floor of the house with sanitizer or insecticide/ pesticide.

Final Verdict

To sum up the whole discussion, Cockroaches are food lovers. If you have some leftover food, freeze it or throw it but don’t keep dishes with leftover food in the kitchen sink; it will cause the cockroaches to invade your dishes and also your home. They release harmful bacteria that are the cause of many gastrointestinal diseases. So to keep roaches away; always sanitize your dishes and sponge before using, use antibacterial soap and keep your home clean and safe.