How to cut PVC pipe

PVC pipes are rigid and are commonly used for residential plumbing purposes. These are something that can be found in every household. Working with these pipes can make it easy for you, especially in-home projects. The cutting of the pipe depends upon the size and fittings. The most important thing about it has the right tool, or else you can also rent it upon usage.

How to cut PVC pipe
pisauikan (CC0), Pixabay

To start with, firstly measure your yard and the required area for the pipes. These are the most accessible and most inexpensive ways, and the tools can be available easily at any hardware store. People nowadays are also trying DIY methods by using these tools on their own. The pipes can be cut in different ways, and in this article, we will share these ways to make the process easy for you.


These pipe cutters are best for smaller diameter pipes, including 1/2″ and 3/4″. These cutters are enlaced with a blade that clamps down to the edge of the pipe while rotating and going deeper into it. All you need to do is placing the jaws of the pipe to the blade and squeeze the handle altogether to turn it completely.


This pipe is best for larger diameter PVC pipe, such as 1″ to 1-1/2″ and uses a ratchet mechanism. This mechanism uses pressure on the blade against the plastic. All you need to do is place the mark of pipe cut against the blade cutter and keep squeezing it until it comes with the contact of the pipe wall. Follow it by releasing the mechanism, embracing it again, and repeating it until the pipe comes away through the blade. The only demerit about this is it causes ache in your hands. Try to use these plastic cutters for ten minor cuts to avoid any difficulty in performing the task.

Hand Saw

Hand saws are the most common way to use the PVC Pipe, but the only demerit with it is they are super messy and leaves the little snowflakes everywhere at the end. There are many saw which can be used for this purpose, but this is the best amongst them as it provides more flexibility. All you need to do is, hold the pipe from the edge of a counter and apply the saw from the mark while getting into back and forth motion. You would also be left with rough bits that need to be knocked around to remove the stern end.

Electric Miter Saw

With an electric miter saw, you need to be very careful as a bit of carelessness can even chop off your limbs or any other parts in a second. If you have lots of materials to cut, then this is something you should prefer. Keeping keen attention is a must to avoid hurting yourself. Once you are used to its techniques, you can be fast with it with accuracy. You need to clamp the pipe to the base, and it automatically causes havoc. Once the saw blade’s blade is done with the mark on your PVC pipe, activate the saw blade slowly. Once you are done with it, stop the blade and lift the saw head back up.


This was all about cutting the PVC pipes with different methods. You can choose one according to your comfort and need. Make sure not to use steel blades that are meant for the wood. Before proceeding further, permanently mark the cut and secure the pipe and try to make it straight as possible to ensure for best fit. You can also do these markings by tape. Avoid handling the pipe with your hands as it can be dangerous and not so accurate. Secure the pipe with a clamp to avoid it shifting out of place.