How to Dispose of Small Kitchen Appliances

Although small kitchen appliances, like mixers, blenders, toasters are built for lasting a long time but there comes a time that one has to eventually get rid of them.

Reasons could vary from their performance getting poor as they age to them breaking down or malfunctioning. Or it is as simple as that you are going for is an upgrade. With new models of blenders, toasters being released into the market every year, one could easily look forward to an update.

So, the most important query that a a lot of people have in common is how to dispose of small kitchen appliances. Without wasting time, let’s hop onto the process of disposing of small kitchen appliances safely.

How to Dispose Of Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances can be disposed of by:

  • Contacting local authorities
  • Contacting rubbish removal companies
  • Disposing them of in a scrapyard
  • Selling them (make some money)
  • Donate them

How To Dispose Of Small Kitchen AppliancesMost small appliances can be disposed of in a more positive and eco-friendly manner and this is by recycling. Recycling ensures that your small kitchen appliances do not go to waste and do not increase the pile in the dump yard.

Rather through recycling, your used products that you want to dispose of can be easily converted into new objects, and materials. This is because most of them are composed of useful materials such as metal, steel, copper, etc. By recycling small kitchen appliances, not only will it save you the money, but also the disposed of material won’t spoil the environment by becoming a landfill.

Preparations Before Disposing

1)      First of all, you have to unplug any of the kitchen appliances that you are planning to dispose of, for some days. This is purely for safety purposes and to let it cool down.

2)      For appliances that are heavier such as a microwave oven or even a toaster or a blender, it is very necessary to tie up their cord. This can be done by either tying them up by a rope or a string or by tying the cord around the appliance itself. You do not want to tangle in it and trip while you are carrying a heavy item.

3)      In case the appliance is still in a satisfactorily working condition, the best option is to just sell it to a second-hand store or even better, donate it to a thrift-store.

4)      In case there are some removable parts of the appliance that you are disposing of, that are not metallic or are not made of steel; then probably there won’t be a recycling market for such parts. You should remove such parts before recycling.

1. Disposing of Via Contacting Local Authorities

You can easily contact your local municipal authorities who deal with rubbish management or manage recycling programs. Most countries have a relevant department that deals with rubbish management. Many governments even run websites where a person living in a specific municipal will be redirected to their concerned portal.

2. Disposing of Via Rubbish Removal Companies

An easy way is to simply hire a rubbish removal company. The best thing about this option is that once you pay a professional rubbish removal company, then the process of disposing of your used kitchen appliances becomes their headache. They know what to do with it and can choose between different suitable options.

3. Disposing of Via A Scrapyard

Look for local scrapyards or wrecking yards where everything can be sold (cheap or at a satisfactory price, that is another thing) from a broken toaster to an old, rusty car. If it is your lucky day, you might even get some price for any of the small kitchen appliances that you are disposing of. If you are not so lucky that day then, at least you will find a way to dump your small kitchen appliances there.

4. Disposing of Via Selling

This method can take some time, but the bright side is that it will earn you some amount in return. There was a a time when Craiglist was the only advert website where you could put up an ad to sell your old stuff but with the boom of the internet, many popular websites have popped up.

If you are from the US/Canada or Europe, then websites like OfferUp, Recycler can easily do the job. If you are from a subcontinent like Pakistan/India region, websites like OLX, Rozee, etc are a good option.

There are even many subreddits (subsites made on the famous social news aggregation website Reddit) that are dedicated to recycling, buying, or disposing of used kitchen appliances. Redditors (users of the Reddit platform) post there, their need for particular second-hand appliances as well as adverts that announce that their second-hand kitchen appliances are on sale.

You can also design a decent advert that gives specifications of your kitchen appliances and get it printed. It can then be pinned around your town either on poles or public places like busy cafes, eat-inns, pubs, etc.

5. Disposing of By Donating

If your small kitchen appliances such as your blender, mixer, toaster, etc. are in a fairly working condition, and you are liking for a bit of philanthropy then you can look forward to donating them.

Contact your local mental asylums or hospitals, old homes, orphanages and donate these appliances to them. Aside from a promised spiritual boost, philanthropy reduces one’s self-interest, broadens one’s perspectives, and develops empathy.

Last but not the least…

Stay safe at all times and also make sure to keep others safe as well. Many studies show that electrical appliances are one of the biggest sources of electrocution, can cause house fires, serious injuries, and fatalities.

In case the reason you are disposing of your electrical appliances is that it is not working right or has some kind of an electrical issue, you may tell the other person about it. There have been many instances of electrocution at homes due to technical issues in the kitchen appliances such as electrical malfunctioning or short circuit overloading.

So, if the reason for disposal is anything like this then before disposing of, have your kitchen appliance checked thoroughly by an electrician.  This is not only a legal responsibility of yours but also a moral one as the person who may pick up your used appliance won’t be knowing these problems before it.

Final Verdict

So, now you may have an idea about how to dispose of small kitchen appliances. Just make sure that you keep safe and protect the environment.

Good luck! 🙂