How to Grow Plants When You Don’t Have a Garden 

shallow focus photography of green potted plants

For many people, the act of gardening brings great joy to their lives through fresh air and flowers, listening to birds, or simply relaxing outdoors. But sadly, many others don’t have the option of growing their very own garden. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to grow their own plants, from gorgeous flowers, fresh produce, or attractive houseplants. If you find yourself in the predicament of not having a garden, but you want to grow your green thumb, keep reading for easy ways to grow plants without a garden.

Windowsill Herbs

Even if you live in a tiny studio apartment in a big bustling city, you can still grow your own fresh herbs on a windowsill. This is especially beneficial if you fancy yourself an at-home chef because nothing is a better, healthier, or fresher ingredient than herbs grown by your hand. A small windowsill herb garden takes up less room than a shoebox and is easy to care for. Additionally, the natural lighting that comes through the window provides the perfect solar spectrum for the level of light that traditional culinary herbs require.

Indoor Gardening Systems 

While they may require an initial financial investment to start, indoor gardening systems pay for themselves in spades regarding healthy, thriving, and beautiful plants. Whether you grow prized florals or fresh fruits and vegetables using your indoor gardening system, these have become a game-changer for people who want control over their food. Nothing is as healthy, natural, or fresh as a just-picked tomato, cucumber, or head of lettuce. Not only are these gardening systems easy to use, but you can also have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re feeding your family the healthiest version of their favorite foods.

Grow Microgreens

Not only do microgreens pack a powerful taste profile, but they also pack a serious nutritional punch. Chefs love them for their strong flavors, and just like an herb garden, microgreens are a breeze to grow on a windowsill or kitchen counter. Not only is growing them easy, but it’s also so quick! This is an easy beginner intro to a gardening project for children. You’ll have fresh pickings of microgreens within a few days of planting. They can be grown in containers as small as an empty butter tub or takeout container. These are cheap ways to add nutrition to flavor at home.

Container Gardens

Whether in an apartment or another community where you don’t have a yard, container gardens can be your answer to growing plants without an actual garden space. Well-curated container gardens even look beautiful at the entryway of a home by the front door. Container gardening is growing plants in containers and pots rather than in the ground, and one of its greatest advantages is that it requires less water, and you can move plants around based on the level of sun they need. 

Tomatoes, melons, squash varieties, and peppers are some of the best plants to grow in outdoor container gardens. If you’re limited on space, beware of plants that spread out, like strawberries, cucumbers, or beans. Beautiful fruit trees in container gardens like apples, avocados, or lemons take up less space than you may think, so if you live in a zone with the hardiness to grow those fruit trees, take advantage of it!

As you can see, various ways to grow a garden without a physical garden space exist. You don’t have to be outdoors to enjoy the benefits of gardening, from destressing you, promoting mental health, and overall improving your mood. You can create beautiful displays through your container gardening, add natural beauty to your home through the window sill and microgreen kits, and reap the vast health benefits of eating fresh produce from your indoor gardening system. 

Whether you opt for one of all of the options above, they all add value to your life as well as your home. Make sure as you grow. You repot your plants as it will help them thrive. You want pots only slightly bigger than the previous one, and remember to propagate plants as you can expand your garden through simple cuttings and seeds. Start enjoying the benefits of gardening without a garden today!