How to make a healthy but easy meal? Opt for super-quick and healthy blender recipes!

How to make a healthy but easy meal? Opt for super-quick and healthy blender recipes!

People nowadays are always in a rush and tend to ignore a healthy lifestyle. They either look for instant food items or order food from outside. But do they think if the food is healthy or not?

Well, I know how reluctant you feel when it comes to preparing a nutritious meal. What if I suggest something that is not only healthy but also easy and quick? Don’t be startled. I’m here with amazing healthy blender recipes that are easy in terms of prepping and cleaning.

Who likes the mess of making a full meal? Even I used to find it troublesome. But these blender recipes are so simple and super-quick that I included them in my daily meal. It ensures health benefits, as well.

Only one kitchen-appliance and a few ingredients, you are ready to go for a healthy homemade meal. Isn’t it amazing? I assure you it won’t take much of your efforts and time.

Before going for the recipes, I would suggest you check your blender’s functionalities. Is it not working? You may visit kitchen varieties to buy yourself the best mixer and other kitchen products. Let’s not talk any further and go for diet-friendly recipes.

Healthy soup

You’ll be surprised to know that you can prepare healthy soup at home just using a blender. When you’re choosing to make homemade soup, you can completely control the amounts of salt and fat. It’s the best way to increase your intake of veggies before they get spoilt. All you need is:

  • Wash your vegetables and steam for a while.
  • Pour the steamed vegetables in the blender.
  • You may add small chicken-pieces.
  • Now start blending until it becomes smooth.
  • Don’t forget to add a bit of salt.
  • Finally, season it.

Refreshing smoothies

Have you ever tried fruits and vegetables mixed smoothie? It is delicious and has many health benefits. To keep control of calories, make sure you avoid sugar and excess fat. Follow the simple steps:

  • Choose a green vegetable and pair it with some tangy and sweet fruits.
  • Toss the ingredients to the blender and blend it pouring a little amount of water till you get a smooth consistency.
  • I would say not to use sugar.

You are ready to enjoy refreshing smoothies!

Super-healthy protein shakes

Thinking of making healthy protein shakes to bulk up? Let the blender do the magic!

  • Add-ins you need are fruits, chia seeds, butter, yogurt rich in protein, milk.
  • Mix them well and whirl your blender.
  • I like using cocoa to make it chocolaty.
  • When you get a perfect consistency, serve it!

Isn’t it too simple and healthy as well?

Dips and sauces

Want to whip up a delicious dip or sauce in a jiffy? Well, use a blender to give you ease. I would recommend using a variety of veggies to make your dips and sauces super-nutritious. My most favorite is hummus. For preparing hummus, you need:

  • I add fresh lemon juice, cumin, chickpeas, cloves, and smoked paprika to the blender with a pinch of salt as required for the taste to the blending machine.
  • My advice would be avoiding tahini or sesame seeds because they contain too many calories.
  • Pulse and pulse till you get the desired texture.
  • Now you are ready to have hummus.

Dips and sauces give perks to our bit bland food, so these should be healthy as well. Hummus and other dips are great for snacking especially when you have the munchies after taking a hit from your best water pipe.

Gluten-free and tasty pizza crust

I know how much you crave for pizzas. Why don’t you make your homemade pizza healthier with a gluten-free crust? To make it, follow my instructions:

  • Go for cauliflower to make your crust. Steam it and then pulse it to get a beautiful texture.
  • Add two eggs, dried basil and oregano, nutritional yeast, garlic cloves, and sea salt.
  • Mixing properly, let it cool for a while and then turn it into a dough.

Your gluten-free tasty pizza crust will be ready in a while!

Fruity ice creams and desserts

It’s easy to make low-calorie desserts and ice creams in a blender. You’ll have to believe it. Two easy steps and you are ready to have your homemade ice cream:

  • Put your favorite fruits or veggies with a bit of cocoa powder and milk in the blender.
  • Whip until it gets creamier and serve it!

Blenders are useful when it comes to making healthy food in a snap. It allows you to get your sweet treat as nutritious as you want and skip excess sugar and calories. Go for healthy blender recipes and keep your calories in control!