How to Make High-Quality Coffee on a Budget 

Great tasting coffee doesn’t always have to break the bank, especially when you think ahead and invest in tools that will save you money in the long-term. There’s nothing like an amazing tasting, rich cup of coffee in the morning, and with these three tips on how to make high-quality coffee on a budget, you’ll be indulging in that luxury in the comfort of your very own home.

How to Make High-Quality Coffee on a Budget 
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Invest in a Good Quality Coffee Machine

Producing high-quality coffee isn’t just about what appears cheap at the moment – if we stuck to that logic, we’d be buying $5 cups of coffee from coffee chains on a daily! Instead, you want to think about making an investment that, in the long-term, will save you hundreds of dollars, especially if you are a regular coffee drinker. Buying a good quality coffee machine that won’t break after a few uses is a great way of saving money in the long-term.

Think of how the cost of all those cups of coffee from your favorite coffee shops accumulates over the years, especially if you’re frequenting them more than a few times a week. Check out these high-quality coffee machines for a great way to upgrade your morning routine. Instead of queuing in a line on your way to work to pick up your coffee from a local coffee shop, you can now indulge in a slow, relaxed morning, making a great tasting cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase High-Quality Nespresso/Keurig Pods

If you’ve invested in a high-quality coffee machine, there’s no point in skimping on the pods, as it’s these that will produce that rich, indulgent taste you’re looking for. Gourmesso produces amazing varieties of both Keurig and Nespresso pods – you can choose whether you want a dark or medium roast or purchase a variety pack for varied roasts and flavors. Gourmesso also stocks an eco-line of compostable pods in five different blends so you can be eco-conscious while indulging in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. You can also choose from organic and fair-trade options as well as choosing your intensity, from ‘dolce’ to ‘forte’. With such a wide variety of pods to choose from, you’re bound to find a flavor that suits you perfectly.

Buy Whole Beans and Grind Them Yourself

Buying whole beans is a great way to ensure you get delicious tasting, fresh coffee. You will have to purchase a grinder, but don’t worry, a grinder doesn’t have to be expensive. Good quality grinders can range from $18 and will last you a lifetime. You could go for a burr grinder which is famous for producing an even and consistent size of grounds and minimizes the amount of coffee that turns into dust during the grinding process. The only disadvantage to a burr grinder is that it is a bit of a pain to clean!

Another option is an electric grinder. Electric grinders are highly convenient as all you have to do is put the coffee into the machine and it will do the work for you – you can even select your preferred setting of how finely you would like your coffee to be ground. The downside to electric grinders is that they can be more on the expensive side, so if you don’t want to break the bank, stick with burr grinders – with a bit of effort, they’ll produce exactly the same result!

A morning cup of coffee is a luxury and a staple of many people’s morning routines. It wakes us up, spoils our taste buds, and gives us that extra boost of energy we need for the day! With these three easy steps, you’ll be brewing great-tasting coffee in no time!