Induction vs Gas vs Electric Cooktops

If you are looking to buy a new stove or upgrading your existing old stove, you get three options from the market. They are the Induction, Gas, and Electric stoves. The gas and electric cooktops have been around for a long time and there have been various debates over which is the best gas stove. The Induction stove has been gaining popularity only recently as it offers various advantages over the others, but it might not suit you for various reasons. There are various advantages and disadvantages present in these different cooktops, and you have to choose the one based on what is convenient for you. In this article, let us see in-depth about the Induction, Gas, and Electric cooktops with its pros and cons, so you can find the one that suits you.

Gas Cooktops

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Gas cooktops are the traditional stoves that have been present in the Indian kitchens for many years. These stoves are preferred by the home-makers who love to cook with the fire. They are also preferred by the professional chef’s cause they give you great control and flexibility over the heat. With the control knob present in the gas stove, you can control the fire with great flexibility and distribute the heat across your utensils. The other great advantage you get with choosing the Gas cooktops is that they have high life. There are no moving parts present in the gas cooktops like in the Induction or the Electric cooktops, so the gas cooktops don’t get damaged or come with problems anytime soon.

Not all are great with the gas stoves. If you are not careful with it while cooking, then a gas leak is possible. It poses a great risk for people who are not careful while cooking with the gas stoves. You also need to have separate space to keep the gas container that fuels this stove and replace it regularly when the gas becomes empty.

If you are interested in gas cooktops, then you get a lot of choices from different manufacturers. The price of the gas cooktops also varies as it is available in every segment. If you already have a good experience with the gas cooktops, the definitely go with this one as it the default stove when it comes to the Indian kitchen.


  • It gives you great control over the heat
  • It is available in all price range
  • Gas cooktops are the perfect stoves when it comes to cooking Indian foods
  • It has a high life


  • You need to be careful while using the gas stoves
  • It produces a lot of heat as the fire is directly exposed
  • You need to replace the gas container frequently

Induction Stove

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Induction stoves are the most efficient ones when it comes to saving energy, so it no surprise that it has been gaining popularity with the Indian kitchens in recent times. They use the magnetic field and electricity to generate heat on the pans and utensils placed on top of it. Induction stoves are small and compact, so they don’t require much space in your kitchen. The other great advantage of owning an Induction stove is that the entire cooktop doesn’t get hot. Unlike the gas stoves, the induction stove heats up only the utensils placed on it. In this way, the induction stove saves a lot of energy. They are also much safer to use as it has a lot of safety features embedded into it. You can also control the amount of heat with this stove with great flexibility like the gas stove.

The main problem with the Induction stove is that it can get affected by mechanical problems easily. They are also much expensive than gas stoves, but you will save money in the long run as it is energy efficient. If you have money to spend, then definitely go for the Induction stove as it offers various advantages over the gas stoves.


  • Easy to use and doesn’t occupy much space.
  • They have built-in safety controls, so they are much safer than gas stoves.
  • Induction cooktops save much energy while cooking than the gas or electric ones.


  • They are expensive and are not suitable for Indian recipes.

Electric Cooktops

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Electric cooktops use electricity to generate heat instead of gas, and they are a great alternative to gas stoves. Electric cooktop saves you energy when compared to gas stoves, but they are not as energy-efficient as the Induction ones. Electric stoves are portable, aesthetically attractive, and much safer than the gas stoves. You can easily plug these stoves in the power outlet anywhere in your home which is not possible with the gas stoves. Electric stoves, like the induction ones, reduces the risk of catching fire and other potential risks as the fire is not directly exposed.

The problem with the electric cooktop is that it is dependent on electricity, so you can’t use them when there is a power outage. You also don’t get much control or flexibility over the heat with the electricity cooktops like the gas stoves.


  • Safer and energy-efficient than the gas stoves
  • It is portable and easy to use
  • It is available in all price range


  • It is dependent on electricity, so it cannot run when there is a power shortage

What should you choose?

You should choose the cooktop that suits your cooking style and give you convenience. The Induction stoves save a good amount of energy and are much safer than the other two, but if you cook a lot of Indian recipes then a gas stove will suit you better. If you are in a place where power cuts are frequent then you should definitely go with the gas stoves. Induction and Electric stoves are great for bachelors and beginners as they are easy and safe to use. Whatever you choose, don’t buy a cheap stove. Buy stoves from a good brand even though it costs high, and you will get the return from the stove in the long run.


Choosing a cooktop is not a difficult job but if you choose the wrong kind of stove for your home, then your cooking will become difficult. We hope this post helps you in choosing the right stove for your kitchen.