Introducing Your Baby to Solids: What You Need to Know

Introducing your baby to solid foods is one of the most exciting and messiest milestones in your baby’s first year of life. There are so many tastes and textures awaiting your little one to explore and enjoy, from savory cheeses to creamy eggs and avocados.

The key to introducing your baby to solids is to encourage them to enjoy themselves while trying these new foods. It’s all part of the process of taking their taste buds to this new, exciting level.

Modern-day advances have made it easy to cram so many marvelous flavors into one tiny pot with a range of great baby food pouches which are readily available in the majority of grocery stores. These are designed to help your baby make that transition from formula to chewable meals.

If you are particularly worried or apprehensive about introducing your baby to the wonderful world of solid meals, then here are some steps you can take to keep you in the know and guide you through the process.

It’s all about timing

There is no real “perfect” time to introduce your baby to this whole new way of eating, the best time to do it is whenever works for both you and your baby. If you are breastfeeding, you may switch to solid food when your milk supply is at its lowest, which is usually around late afternoon or early evening. A great way to start the solid food process when it comes to timing is to offer the first course of breast milk or baby formula to whet their appetite, before bringing on the solids. Initially, begin with one meal a day before moving on to two meals. It may be a good idea to spread them out, so one in the morning and the other in the evening. Try this for the next month or so and see how it goes.

Monitor your baby’s mood

Those first few feeds may be a trying and challenging process for most parents, especially those that are new to the whole thing, but believe it or not, they are even more of a challenge for your baby. This is something important to bear in mind, a baby that is more cheerful, relaxed, and alert to what is going on, is more likely to open wide and receive the spoonful of food more welcomely. A baby who is cranky or sleepy may only want breast milk or formula. If your baby is being particularly fussy then be flexible about it, it’s ok to skip solids for that mealtime and try again next time.

Be prepared for some rejection

Babies may reject a new food that they have never tried before they accept and enjoy it. So try your best not to push too hard when your baby snubs what is coming their way on the spoon. Try your best to be persistent with it and introduce the same food numerous times until you find your baby warming to the taste a little more.