Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe? (Including Glad Tupperware)

Tupperware, a savior for every person, right? They not only help us tow our lunch and dinner but can also store the leftovers and keep them as fresh as a daisy.

But just like every other kitchen utensil, they also need to be cleaned as well. And that’s why you’re here because you want to know if Tupperware is dishwasher safe or not.

Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe?

If your Tupperware was not purchased before September 3, 1979, then you’re in luck. Most Tupperware purchased after 1979 are dishwasher safe. When it comes to models which are not dishwasher safe, these are;

  • CheeSmart CondensControl™ Grid
  • Shape- O-Toy
  • TupperChef Knives
  • Any printed models

Is Glad Tupperware Dishwasher Safe?

In Glad’s own words, “GladWare containers are top-rack dishwasher safe.” Glad’s entire food containers are BPA free and can safely go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher.

Are All Tupperware BPA Free?

On their official website, Tupperware says that all of their products sold by Tupperware US & CA since March of 2010 are BPA-free.

Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe? (Including Glad Tupperware)

How to Wash Tupperware in the Dishwasher Safely?

How would you know if your Tupperware container is even dishwasher safe? If you have a label on it that says “dishwasher safe,” then there’s your answer. That being said, here are some tips which can help your Tupperware container last for decades.

  1. Temperature control

Place your Tupperware where it gets the least heat. It’s also best in your favor if you don’t wash your container with hot water. Exposing the Tupperware to extreme heat can warp or even melt them.

  1. Pressure control

It will be wise not to place your containers in the lower part of your dishwasher. It will expose them to high-pressure jets. And exposing them to that can cause the containers to fall on the hotter part of your dishwasher.

  1. Remember that dishwashers don’t dry the plastics completely

This means that you still need to towel dry the containers after washing them before putting them away. You can also put an air gap on your dishwasher to let them dry for a few hours.

  1. What are white marks?

One more thing that irks many Tupperware owners about a dishwasher is that they leave white marks. The white marks are usually the normal wear and tear.

Washing Tupperware by Hand vs. in a Dishwasher

Do you want to keep the longevity of your Tupperware? Hand washing them is the better option. While you can wash your Tupperware on the dishwasher, it’s still better to wash them by hand. By hand washing them, you can avoid the possibility of melting, wrapping, and causing them to become loose.

Beware! A Nightmare in Disguise

Even though these food-safe plastic containers claim to be dishwasher safe, you don’t want to rely on them 100%. They are not heat resistant. This means they can most possibly melt under the high temperature produced by the machine.

If this happens, some fragments of the container can chip off in the dishwasher. These fragments can block the filters, which can lead them to clog. This clogging can lead to the breaking of your dishwasher.

The Proper Way to Hand Wash Your Tupperware

Handwashing your Tupperware containers isn’t too complicated. However, they require more attention than your typical kitchenware.

1. Rinse them with warm water

Warm water can wash away all the grease from the food you put in your container.

2. Scrub the dirt away

Use a cloth or soaped sponge and scrub the container and the lid. Make sure to remove all the food stains.

3. Rinse and dry

After washing the Tupperware, rinse them again with warm water. You can either air-dry them or use a clean cloth to clean them dry.

Tip: Try not to use an abrasive type of sponge when washing your containers. They can scratch the surface. Food particles can get stuck in these scratches, this might be a good place for the bacteria to live and grow.

How to Avoid Stubborn Stains Getting on Your Tupperware?

Had curry and red sauce for lunch? That must have left a stubborn stain that might be hard to get rid of. Some stains are just too much stubborn and will not come off. But don’t worry, I have an effective solution for eating your curry without even leaving a stain on your Tupperware.

Follow this simple method:

  • Spray some non-stick oil before putting curry or sauces in your container.
  • You can also use any oil available in your pantry – you may want to use a brush to spread the oil.

This will do the trick. The thin layer of oil helps prevent the curry sauces from sticking on the surface of the containers.

How to Get Rid of the Strong Smell in Tupperware?

  1. There are some ways you can get rid of the smell of your yesterday’s leftovers out of your lovely Tupperware.

    Following are the methods you may want to try;

    1. Wet the newspaper with water 

    Put it inside the container and close the lids. Leave it overnight. The smell will be absorbed in the newspaper print through the carbon.

    1. Wash the containers using lime or lemon

    It will not only get rid of the smell, but it will also leave a citrus lemony fragrant.

    1. Rinse the container with vinegar 

    After washing the containers, you notice that the unwanted smell is still there. Now fill them with white vinegar, water, and a drop of dishwashing soap. Allow the mixture to rest for about 3 minutes. Pour it out and rewash it using a soaped sponge.

    1. The magic of baking soda

    Baking soda is your best friend when getting rid of the smell in the Tupperware. It has cleansing properties that work as stain and odor remover. Mix some amount of baking soda with some water to make a paste-like mixture. Rub the mixture on the surface of the container and let it sit overnight. Rinse it the next morning and enjoy your odor-free container.

How to Remove Grease on Tupperware

  1. Grease is another strong enemy of Tupperware owners. At times, no matter how much you scrub them with soap and sponge, they just don’t go away!

    Here’s what you can do:

    1. Fill a tub with warm water

    Get a small tub and place it in the sink or put a stopper on the drain. Fill the tub with warm water.

    1. Add dishwashing liquid

    Squirt some drops of dishwashing liquid into the water. Immerse the greasy container in the water and let it soak for some time.

    1. Wash as usual

    Wash your container as you would with your other kitchen utensils

Final Verdict

It may be safe to wash your Tupperware containers in the dishwasher. Still, it’s better to wash them by hand for various other reasons.

One of them includes your Tupperware melting due to the heat of your dishwasher. You and your Tupperware may be best friends, but Tupperware and your dishwasher…nope, they both are literal arch-nemesis. So it may be best for you, your Tupperware, and your dishwasher to wash them with your hands if you can.