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Kitchensurfing is a global marketplace for people that love food. We’re changing the way people eat and we’re building the largest common table in the world—distributed and at web-scale. Come join us at our home table.

What We Value

At Kitchensurfing, we believe that a shared meal is humanizing in a way that little else can be, that people should take more time to enjoy food and enjoy it with others, and that the work you do should be intellectually rewarding, but also afford the opportunity to see real smiles on faces.

With a Click, a Meal and a Story

For some customers, those experiences are unexpectedly personal. The host in Astoria, a 32-year-old software developer who did not feel comfortable providing his name, reported that the meeting initially bristled with awkwardness. “The whole time I was thinking, ‘Do I help her?’” he recalled. But by mealtime, he said: “It was basically like we hired a friend that could cook really well and then we all hung out and ate.”

The New York Times

Your Contribution


Your work will resonate with the thousands of people and chefs that have joined us around the world and that grow in number every day. We are a small, tight team where we expect every member to understand our mission, our most pressing objectives, and how those tie into their work.

For developers and designers, this means that you will never be handed product mandates without being able to contextualize why it’s an important problem or feature.

Open Job Positions

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