KFC Menu Prices 2021

This time, we are going to tackle the restaurant that serves delicious fried chicken cooked in 11 herbs and spices. Any guesses? You got that right. KFC. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a global chicken restaurant brand that has a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation. It all started with one cook, named Colonel Harland Sanders, who created this finger lickin’ good recipe over 75 years ago, with the herbs and spices he sourced from the back of his kitchen door. Right at this very day, KFC still follows this formula for success, with real cooks breading and freshly preparing the mouth-watering chicken by hand in over 23,000 restaurants in more than 135 countries and territories worldwide.

They say, “We make fried chicken—heck, we practically invented it. If they ever make a food hall of fame, our chicken is gonna be a first-ballot inductee.”

Their menu include buckets, tenders, sandwiches, fried chicken, pot pies and bowls, a la carte choices, sides, sauces, desserts, drinks, and so much more.

KFC has branches anywhere in the globe, but their major markets are in China, the United States, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and Canada. Let us take a look at the KFC menu and prices, plus a little bit about interesting facts on the restaurant.


KFC Menu & Prices

Food Size Price


Includes Individual Side & Medium Drink
2 Pc. Chicken – Combo $5.99
Popcorn Nuggets – Combo $5.49
2 Chicken Littles – Combo $5.29
Go Large Combo $1.50

Nashville Hot Chicken

1 Pc. Basket (Chicken Breast, Coleslaw & Biscuit) $5.49
2 Pc. Basket (Drumstick & Thigh, Coleslaw & Biscuit) $5.49
8 Pc. Meal (8 Pc. Chicken, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits) $21.99

Nashville Hot Tenders

3 Pc. Basket (3 Tenders, Coleslaw & Biscuit) $5.49
12 Pc. Meal (12 Tenders, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits) $21.99
24 Pc. Tailgate Meal (24 Tenders) $29.99

Tenders, Popcorn Nuggets, and Wings

Combo Includes Individual Side & Medium Drink
Chicken Tenders 3 Pc. $3.99
Chicken Tenders 6 Pc. $6.99
Chicken Tenders 12 Pc. $12.99
Chicken Tenders – Combo 3 Pc. $5.99
Kentucky Fried Wings 6 Pc. $5.00
Kentucky Fried Wings 12 Pc. $9.99
Kentucky Fried Wings 24 Pc. $18.99
Kentucky Fried Wings 48 Pc. $36.99
Popcorn Nuggets Large $3.99

Kid’s Meal

Drumstick, 1 Chicken Little, 1 Tender, or Popcorn Nuggets, and Individual Side, and Applesauce, or Small Drink $3.99

Family Meals

8 Pc. Meal with 2 Large Sides & 4 Biscuits $21.99
8 Pc. Chicken Only $14.99
12 Pc. Meal with 3 Large Sides & 6 Biscuits $29.99
12 Pc. Chicken Only $20.49
16 Pc. Meal with 4 Large Sides & 8 Biscuits $36.99
16 Pc. Chicken Only $24.99
Tenders Meal (12 Pc. Tenders, 2 Large Sides, 4 Biscuits & 6 Sauces) $19.99


Chicken Sandwich $1.7

Homestyle Sides

Mashed Potatoes Individual $1.99
Mashed Potatoes Large $3.79
Secret Recipe Fries Individual $2.49
Secret Recipe Fries Large $4.49
Baked Beans Individual $1.99
Baked Beans Large $3.79
Cole Slaw Individual $1.99
Cole Slaw Large $3.79
Sweet Kernel Corn Individual $1.99
Sweet Kernel Corn Large $3.79
Green Beans Individual $1.99
Green Beans Large $3.79
Mac & Cheese Individual $1.99
Mac & Cheese Large $3.79
2 Biscuits $1.49


Soft Drink Medium $1.69
Soft Drink Large $1.99
Aquafina Water Bottle $1.69
Iced Tea 1/2 Gallon $2.49
Lemonade Medium $1.99
Lemonade 1/2 Gallon $3.49
Strawberry Lemonade Medium $2.29
Strawberry Lemonade 1/2 Gallon $3.99

$20 Family Fill Up

Limited time
8 Pc. Chicken, 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits $20.00
8 Pieces Extr Crispy Chicken with 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits
12 Pieces of Extra Crispy Tenders with 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits

$5 Fill Ups

2 Pc. Drum & Thigh, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
3 Pc. Tenders, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
Famous Bowl, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
Pot Pie, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00

Big Box Meals

Includes Individual Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Coleslaw, Biscuit & Medium Drink
3 Pc. Chicken Box $7.99
Crispy Colonel Combo with 2 Sides $7.99
5 pc. Tenders with 2 Sides $7.99


Cakes $3.99
Cookies 3 Pc. $1.29
Cookies 12 Pc. $4.49


KFC Famous Bowl $6.19
Pot Pie $6.19


$30 Fill Up $30
$20 Fill Up $20
Tenders and Fries Meal $5.49
$10 Popcorn Nuggets $10


KFC Operating Hours

Sunday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Monday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM


There are a lot of things to learn about the history of KFC, from the creation of the Original Recipe with 11 herbs and spices in the 1940s, the global expansion beginning in the 1960s, to them revolutionizing their advertisements to keep up with the competition today, and so much more.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC, was incorporated in 1955 by Colonel Harland Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky. There is an interesting story before this. It was in the year 1890 when Colonel Harland Sanders was born and at the age of 12, he left home to work as a farmhand to cope up with his troubled childhood. When he was 15 years old, he left the farm to work various jobs with mixed success. They include being a painter, a railroad fireman, a plowman, a streetcar conductor, a ferryboat operator, an insurance salesman, a service-station operator, and more.

In 1929, the founder of KFC opened his own gas station in Corbin, Kentucky where he cooked for his family and the occasional customer who ordered in the back room. Colonel Harland Sanders enjoyed utilizing the recipes his mother taught him, including pan-fried chicken, country ham, fresh vegetables, and homemade biscuits.

His “dab hand” at cooking spread far and wide in the community, leading him to opening a 142-seat restaurant and motel nearby, touted as the Harland Sanders Court and Café. In 1936, the state’s governor honored him with the title of “Kentucky Colonel.” At this time, he also managed to perfect a method for speeding up the cooking process for the chicken, that is, pressure cooking.

In the 1940s, Colonel Harland Sanders managed to perfect the “Original Recipe” that KFC is known today with 11 herbs and spices. Did you know this was not revealed at first to the public, but he admitted that the ingredients are what “stand on everybody’s shelf.”

The Second World War challenged his success, as tourism also dropped during this time. His motel and café struggled, so he needed a new plan. Colonel Harland Sanders traveled the United States to franchise his recipe with other restaurant owners, until, KFC, as what we know today, was born.


Interesting Facts

The first restaurant that went with the name Kentucky Fried Chicken was in Salt Lake City in 1952.

It was only in 1991 when the name KFC was widely adopted.

Noticed that the taste of KFC’s fried chicken is different from other fried chickens? Well, the 11 herbs and spices are kept a secret, and Colonel Harland Sanders would remember it in his head before noting them on a piece of paper he then kept in his wallet. Today, the ingredients are kept under literal lock at the KFC headquarters with only a few members in the company privy to this information.

In Japan, the Japanese for some reason has been traditionally celebrating with KFC fried chicken during Christmas day.

In 2019, KFC partnered with Pizza Hut to create a KFC pizza, made with, of course, the fried chicken and its tastes as the toppings.

There is a couple that got engaged in a KFC restaurant in South Africa, and the fast food chain paid for their wedding.

KFC has always been grounded on their heritage, but always never forgets to look forward to the future. KFC is always evolving to make it easier for customers to enjoy their chicken. They do this with their digital innovations and launching new restaurants with their valued franchise partners. It has been said that every six hours, a new KFC restaurant opens somewhere in the globe. As they developed, KFC has been committed to doing their work responsibly such as their 2025 global plastic packaging goal, the realization of their 2018 commitment to stop sourcing out chicken raised with antibiotics, and so much more.

From the world’s famous Original Recipe to their signature flavors and formats, they are always into making chicken for everyone in the world, chicken that diners are craving. They say, if it is not finger lickin’ good, it is not them. With the collaboration with franchise partners all across the globe, they continue to be one of the fastest-growing retail brands globally, both in emerging and developing markets.