Kuissential Programmable Bread Machine Review

Kuissential 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine Product Image

The Kuissential 2-pound Programmable Bread Machine not only allows dough but also has a fruit and nut dispenser. Simplistic yet attractive in design, Kuissential mixes practicality with kitchen aesthetics for a happier kitchen.

Since families tend to congregate around the food, Kuissential decided to use this to their advantage and provide a useful appliance for the kitchen. The aforementioned bread maker is available at an attractive price for households on a budget and presents a variety of features.

Breakdown of Features

Before you jump into wanting to buy this bread maker, you’ll want to look at the abundance of features that it possesses.

  • Able to make 1.5 or 2-pound loaves
  • Light, medium, or dark crust
  • 13 various settings including dough, jam, and bread
  • Auto-dispenser for nuts and fruits
  • 13-hour delay timer
  • Viewing window
Kuissential 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine Auto Fruit and Nut Dispenser Product Image
The Kuissential is a great all-around bread machine that will make great loaves of bread every time!

For families that feed up to four a day or six that don’t each a ton, the Kuissential 2-pound capabilities will serve you well. If you don’t want as much as 2 pounds, you can create 1.5-pound loaves in a variety of crust types including light, medium, or dark. Cater to everyone’s needs in your household. However, these aren’t the only attractive features that cater to those in your household.

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Other features including the 13 different settings that allow you to customize bread the way you want, or make something other than bread like a jam, dough, and more. If you like to mix it up when it comes to bread and go a bit fancier, you’ll enjoy the auto-dispenser for the nuts and fruits that you want to include. If you’re short on measuring cups and spoons, don’t worry, as you won’t have to purchase one when you buy the Kuissential bread machine. Having these two small, yet pivotal roles in food creation will allow you to bake and eat without any issue.

Let’s not forget about features that benefit those that need to make food now, but don’t have time to do it later. With the 13-hour delay timer, as well as a “keep warm” function, you won’t have to worry about rushing through baking ever again. Having these two features allows you to prepare now, and focus on other things or your normal activities during the day. If you want to check up on this bread throughout the day between your activities, you can do so by looking through the viewing window at the top of the bread machine. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see what you’re making until after it’s done. You won’t have to stop the machine and peek, then restart when you have a viewing window.

Awesome Advantages

As you can see from the awesome list of features this bread maker offers, there are a lot of advantages. However, there are some that stand out more than others. One of the primary advantages of this bread maker is that you’re able to have an auto-dispenser for your fruits and nuts.

Those that stick to very specific dietary needs will find solace in being able to keep up with those needs without worry.

From an auto-dispenser for fruits and nuts, along with a measuring cup and spoon, this bread maker will keep your dietary restrictions in check. Those that have multigrain or gluten-free needs will also love the presets that allow you to click those particular functions. The manual goes over how to use each one.

Create 1.5-pound loaves in a variety of crust types including light, medium, or dark. You no longer need to eat bleached bread because it’s all you have in the house, as you can now create your own 100% whole wheat bread, or multigrain for your diet. The aforementioned nut dispensary feature allows you to place ½ cup of nuts that are finely chopped.

Slight Disadvantages

All good products will, unfortunately, have a disadvantage, as it can’t please everyone. However, one of the only disadvantages of this product is that it doesn’t come with a basic cookbook/recipe book. For those that are new to the world of bread making, this may not find you well.

However, the aforementioned doesn’t affect the performance of the product whatsoever and actually features a simple resolution: using your phone to help you with some recipes. If you don’t find any recipes or have any on hand, the instructions can help you with preparing your first loaf of bread.

It’s also worth mentioning that when not baked properly on the “light” setting, your bread may come out a bit harder than you want. However, experimenting with different settings will allow you to cater to the loaf of bread to your needs.


Overall, the Kuissential 2-pound programmable bread machine is definitely one I’d recommend to those on a budget who have a few tummies to feed. Those that also have dietary restrictions will also feel comfortable using this machine with ease.

Featuring an attractive design, the Kuissential is one that will fit within smaller kitchens perfectly and provide functionality for multiple areas of the kitchen. From bread to some types of pastry bases, you’ll be able to excel with this bread making machine and its versatility.

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