Legalization of Online Games in 2021, the Law States

Since the first online casino launch in the mid-90s, the igaming industry has been snowballing. Although online gambling is a controversial topic, several countries updated their policies on its legality. Unfortunately, there are still countries that hold a no-tolerance policy.

Legalization of Online Games in 2021, the Law States

Benjamin Reppersen is an igaming expert. He specializes in the online gambling industry and strives to keep up with its latest developments. Benjamin is here to discuss the legalization of online games. He’ll explore the laws on online gambling in Norway.

Norway’s Online Gaming Industry

In Norway, there are several online casinos available. However, not all of them are legitimate. Although it can be challenging to distinguish which casinos are legal, a casino directory site like beste betting side only promotes safe online casinos.

A safe casino is licensed and regulated by an official gambling commission and offers access to legalized games. This means that your personal details are protected and that the games featured by the casino can’t be rigged. Playing with licensed casinos also ensures that no-third party companies have access to your user information.

Online Casino Licencing and Regulation Commissions in Europe

Every country has different laws on gambling and works in association with a separate gambling commission. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if an online casino is legal in the United Kingdom, it would also be permitted in the United States of America.

Some countries in Europe allow punters to use casinos regulated by the government of Curacao, Malta, or Gibraltar. However, these laws aren’t one-size-fits-all, as some European countries ban online gambling sites completely.

Some regions also have different laws on what games are accepted. Specific games, like slot machines or poker, might be illegal in some countries. There’s also further legislation on the amount of cash that casinos are allowed to accept from players.

So, depending on the laws of your country, you may not be able to access casinos, even though they’re licensed. However, the legalization of online games in 2021 for Norwegians is slightly different from Europe’s. When asking whether it’s legal to gamble online in Norway, the answer is yes and no.

Online Gaming Laws in Norway

In Norway, there isn’t a specific model in place, which creates a grey area in this regard. Currently, Norway doesn’t allow residents to use online casinos that operate from countries outside of Norway.

This means that Norway only allows state-owned casinos to operate legally. There are only two casinos that operate under the Norwegian government. These entities are limited and outdated.

Because there are only two such companies, players in Norway are looking elsewhere. The offshore market is flooded with online casinos that make it easy for Norweigian players to join.

Today, many online casinos accept Norwegian players. These casinos accept various payment methods and currencies from players worldwide. They also offer welcome bonuses, free spins, and promotions exclusive to Norwegian members.

How Can the Legalization of Online Gaming Benefit Players in Norway?

The gaming industry is growing yearly. Whether there are regulations in place or not, it is becoming easier for players from all over to gain access. These days you can access casinos from any mobile device. With improving technology, opening an account takes only a few minutes.

Luckily, many countries are progressing and changing their online gaming laws. Countries that have clear policies and legislation in place enjoy the benefit of increasing their taxable income.

In Norway, no policy protects punters when they make use of casinos that operate outside the borders. Many players end up registering with unlicensed casinos and thus can’t report when they have been scammed.

The Norwegian government can prevent these problems by implementing better policies to protect online gamblers from fake gambling sites. It can also decrease the number of illegal casino sites operating in Norway.


Online gambling policies in Norway are outdated and confuse punters on whether it is legal to use online casinos that operate outside of the country.

The limited online gambling options in Norway are also why more than 50% of punters look elsewhere. Norwegian lawmakers need to rethink the legalization of online games if they want to protect their players better.