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The Lille Home Stackable Stainless-Steel lunch box is just the perfect lunch carrier for you, be it for office or school kids. Lille stainless steel lunchbox has been designed in such a manner and with such technologies that it keeps your food in the same condition as you bring from home. The food within the lunch box remains warm as well as fresh resulting in consuming less fast foods. This Stainless-Steel lunchbox comes in different vibrant colors, making it ideal for all ages. It is convenient and very easy to carry.


The Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel lunchbox is a three-tiered lunch carrier that is covered by an insulating bag, and it is also available with a stainless spoon. It is made of several unique features which helps it to retain the freshness and keeps it intact, maintaining the quality of food it contains. Here are its unique features discussed as below:

  • Temperature insulation: The lunchbox is designed with an excellent insulating material which is known as the second-generation multi-layer insulation and can keep the cooked food warm for a couple of hours. However, it should be noted that the quantity of food in the container always affects the degree of insulation. If the food contained in each compartment is less than ¾ the original volume, then the insulating capability reduces to some extent. Also, the original temperature of the cooked food must be high enough for the food to remain warm even after 2 to 3 hours of keeping it in the lunchbox.
  • Insulated bag for carrying the lunchbox: – The lunchbox is always available with an insulating bag along with it. The bag is made up of felt fabric, and its interior is lined with food-grade aluminum. These features not only enhance the insulation of the lunchbox but also make the carrying of the lunchbox easier.
  • Food safety guaranteed: – The interior of each of the compartments of this Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel lunchbox is made up of high and excellent quality stainless steel which are free from dangers of getting rusted in the long run and thus food contamination is completely avoidable. The steel is also BPA free, and hence, you can remain to rest assured about the safety of the foods. The materials of the lunchbox do not retain any kind of flavors or aroma which could pose a negative effect on the health of the user, and hence this lunchbox can be used repeatedly for a long time. The exteriors of the lunchbox and the dividers between the compartments of the lunchbox are made up of safe and food-grade plastic. Thus, they are not supposed to cause any harm.
  • No chances of leakage or spillage: – There are heavy-duty silicone seals that are used to lock freshness, leakage of liquids like gravies and soups and also the odor of food. However, you must be very conscious that the layers between each sealed compartment are tightened properly to prevent leakage or spillage. In the beginning, this tightening and loosening procedure might be a bit difficult, but eventually, with use, it becomes smooth.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: – The lunchbox is designed in such a manner and with such attractive features, that it is sure to be liked by all customers who buy it. It is undoubted a must buy lunchbox.


  1. Product Dimensions- 4.4 x 4.4 x 10.7 inches
  2. Item weight- 1.9 pounds
  3. Shipping weight- 1.9 pounds
  4. Available Colors- Blue, green, and pink.
  5. Ratings- 3.8 out of 5 stars.
  6. Five-piece set- three compartments, an insulated storage bag and a folding spoon made of stainless steel.
  7. Stainless steel- Premium quality steel SS304.

Tips to use the best bento box:

  • Wash the lunchbox with mild detergents in lukewarm water.
  • Let the lunchbox dry properly before assembling back all the parts.
  • Avoid packing ice creams or any cold food item in the box.
  • Do not put the lunchbox in the microwave or dishwasher.


  • Leak-proof utensil.
  • Consists of 3 compartments which are detachable. Hence, you can use it as and when required.
  • The material of the lunchbox is 100% safe and non-toxic.


  • Containers if not properly closed, may cause leakage.
  • Colors are mostly geared for girls.
  • It cannot handle high temperatures.


  1. Do not use it in microwaves and dishwashers. It is not safe.
  2. Clean the parts of the Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel lunchbox separately and let them dry before assembling.
  3. Not recommended for ice creams.
  4. You can use it as multiple layers or just one or two layers depending on your needs.


Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel lunchbox is, therefore, a perfect lunch carrier for both adults and children to be carried to the workplace or schools, respectively. Thus, if you want to eat healthy and fresh, use this very useful Lille Home stackable stainless steel lunchbox. Use this powerful lunchbox to carry home-made lunch without losing its nutritious and freshness.

This lunchbox has a flexible usage capability. You can use one, two, or three compartments at a time. It is a light weighted lunchbox which at first might be difficult to handle, but with regular use, it becomes smooth and easy. The lunchbox has received a 4-star review on Amazon, which indicates that it has received a lot of appreciation from reviewers, and a lot of customers are happy with the product.

This lunchbox has a warranty period within which any kind of problems will be investigated, or any defective product shall be replaced. Buy this Lille Home Stackable Stainless Steel lunchbox and experience the long-lasting freshness in your food.

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