Make a Perfect Pie Bird for You Family Party

The Pie Bird can help you make the best fruit pies. Did you ever make a fruit pie and find out when it was done baking that the pie turned out too watery? Watery fruit pie is a common problem. The steam doesn’t escape from the pie properly as it bakes, so the pie remains too juicy. The Pie Bird can solve the problem of an overly juicy pie.

When you bake a fruit pie you can use a pie bird to help the juices to steam out of the pie. Just put the Pie Bird in the center of your fruit pie so that it goes down to the bottom crust and bake your fruit pie as usual.

The Pie Bird will take the steam as it is created in the pie and help it to escape leaving your fruit pie a nice consistency. As your fruit pie bakes the Pie Bird will make a vent so that steam escapes as the fruit pie cooks.

When your fruit pie is done cooking the Pie Bird will even tell you that your fruit pie is done. When your fruit pie gets to the right temperature the Pie Bird will squeak to let you know your fruit pie is done cooking.

Whether you bake many pies in a year or not you can find the Pie Bird useful. The Pie Bird will help you bake your fruit pies so that the fruit is done to perfection.

Pie Birds also make wonderful gifts. You may know someone who likes to bake pies. Get them a Pie Bird for Christmas or for birthdays. Pie Birds are useful and pretty.

The Pie Bird is not only a useful item to have in your kitchen it is also lovely to look at. When you are not using your Pie Bird to bake a pie you can display it in your kitchen. Place the Pie Bird in a place that it is on display for all to see. It is also a good conversation piece since guests will ask you what is it?

Fruit pie that is too juicy is not pleasing. If you have trouble making your fruit pies be the right consistency then you may want to try using a Pie Bird.

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