Does it make sense to use disposable baking pans?


One of the biggest concepts in personal shopping strategies is the total use value. Total use value is all about extending the life of an item so that you can use that item a lot of times. The idea is that the more you use an item, the more value you get from that item. For every dollar you spend on that item, you split that dollar many different times so that each use basically boils down to pennies.

The benefits you get from that item is then priced in terms of cost in pennies. That’s where you want to be. You don’t want to buy item where the benefits that you get from that item is in dollars or hundreds of dollars. Do you see how this works?

Well, this strategic model is essentially turned on its head when it comes to disposability. The whole point behind disposability is convenience. You’re not really looking to maximize the value of baking dishes by using it a lot. Instead, it’s the other way around. You prize value in terms of how convenient it is to use the item. In this particularly limited situation, total use value does not apply. Throw it out the window, seriously.

Instead, focus on how convenient it is to use an item compared to something else. That’s how you analyze the disposability factor. In this context, you need to ask yourself when shopping for baking pans, does it make sense to use disposable models? Does it make sense to buy baking pans that you can use one time and throw away?

It all depends on your purpose

The bottom-line here is very simple. Your purpose determines your shopping strategy. If your purpose here is to save time and not necessarily money, then it makes sense to go with the disposable item. If your purpose here is to save both time and money, but maximize comfort and convenience, then it may make sense to go with disposable baking pans.

How? Make sure that you find disposable units that are not only easy to use and dispose of, but they also cost very little money. I know that that sounds crazy. I know that in most situations, there is a tradeoff. There is a price to pay for comfort and convenience. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. That has yet to be invented, so a lot of people automatically think that you have to basically waste a lot of money for comfort and convenience. This is not true. Well at least it doesn’t have to necessarily be true. Again, it all boils down to your purposes and whether you let your purposes guide your buying decisions.

Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, there are cheap throw away items out there that are intended primarily for one time use. They don’t have a heavy price tag. You’re not going to get sticker shock buying these items. You really won’t. In fact, there are even specialty stores that focus on helping you get the absolute lowest prices for purely disposable products. These stores might not look like they are making much money because of the often ridiculously low prices they charge for volume disposable products. Believe me, they are still making money. In fact, they make up for their low margins with amazingly high volumes. They might even be making more money than traditional retail outlets.
As awesome as all these consideration may seem, there is a price that you’re going to pay. It’s not in the form of money, mind you. It’s in the form of quality.

These items are not very durable

These items might not necessarily do a good job, but they bring a lot of comfort and convenience to the table. As you probably already know, we don’t live in a perfect world. When you’re looking for baking dishes, there are usually three things that are at play. You can find an item that is good, easy to use, and cheap. But the problem here is that most items can only manage to bring two of these qualities to the table.

An item may be good, meaning that it’s very durable, it does a great job, it looks good and it may be cheap, but it might not be very convenient. Similarly, an item may be convenient and cheap, but it might not be very durable.

This is exactly the kind of combination that disposable baking pans bring to the table. They’re not very durable. Don’t even think of using them as a legacy to pass on to your children. Instead, look at the best baking set for kids. Disposable baking pans are not going to last that long but they’d bring a lot of comfort and convenience to the table, and they are cheap. I hope you can see how this works so it all depends on your purposes. It all depends on your needs.

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