The Masterbuilt 20100809 Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster Review

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster Complete Product

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From the first on the look, a smaller sample of the many oil-less turkey fryers we have seen so far.

Reminiscing of a traditional kettle designer wise, the Masterbuilt Butterball strives for the unification of both old and new.

All in the hopes of taking the best out of both worlds and combining it into something that will rock your boat.

We’re about to find out whether they have succeeded or not, but it is a valiant effort nonetheless!


  • Features Dimensions Of 15.4 x 15.8 x 15.18 inches

One of the smallest oil-less turkey fryers on the market but where it loses on size, it gains inconvenience.

We’ll be exploring this view further down in the review.

  • Weights A Measly 24 Pounds!

I find this weight to be very comforting, especially since my youngest daughter loves to help daddy out with his cooking, so I oftentimes let her carry the fryer to its destination!

  • A Formidable 1,650 Watts Of Power

I can already read it from your lips, how can this little pecker pack such a punch?

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster Product Image

I was as mesmerized as you are right now, but it seems that this power stems from the electrical elements inside of the oil-less turkey fryer.

They seem to be superseding the traditional way of putting regular heat elements by a long shot!

  • A Robust Double-Wall Protecting Your Turkey

Don’t worry, nobody is out there to steal it.

The manufacturer was probably concerned about the amount of heat that might escape if the entire built wasn’t as corpulent as it is.

  • Odds And Add-Ons

These are parts you oftentimes don’t see on your first sight as they aren’t as noticeable but, oh boy, do they matter.

The first thing that I would have to mention would be the lid clip. This small contraption provides so much help when trying to lower (or raise) my turkey basket.

I wouldn’t know what to without it!

Continuing in the same regard, you will also stumble upon something that’s quite easily removed and it stores all the waste inside of it.

Is it your liver? No, it’s the oil-less turkey fryers own filtering organ, the drip pan!

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The Advantages

1)    Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

I had already mentioned briefly how I could give the kids a task they would love and make them feel valuable while I worked on preparing the turkey for the cooking.

Another benefit of deciding upon a smaller sized, oil-less turkey fryer, is the freedom it instills upon you!

I can’t possibly bring a hundred-pound fryer with me while on holiday, but this little rascal?

You can stuff him almost anywhere!

Lastly, I want to mention how easily storable it was, instead of making my kitchen look like a scrap yard, I could literally leave it in the smallest of my drawers and it wouldn’t be bothering anyone!

2)    Bulletproof Glass? Try Heat Proof!

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster in useOne of the biggest reasons why I often shy away from purchasing an oil-less turkey fryer is my latent fear of having the glass shatter.

Let’s be honest, once you see a crack, it’s over! You can toss that thing in the trashcan.

When the idea of glass shattering or even worse, small bits of it blending with my food turns over in my mind, I get quite the physical reaction!

That is why I immediately decided upon this model when I realized that the manufacturer made the entire glass lid heat resistant.

And by heat resistant I mean permanently, it’s even included in the warranty!

3)    Clean-Up Process Is A Breeze

One of the many reasons I gave up on traditional stoves is the process of having to scrub and wash for the entire afternoon! It was almost like a second job.

Quite conversely, oil-less turkey fryers are generally easy to clean as they have been built in a way to be as economically feasible as possible.

The one thing that helped out immensely in that regard was the removable drip pan just under the main body of the oil-less turkey fryer.

4)    Ease Of Use

I once bought a new model for my grandma as she was entering the sexagenarian years. I thought that she would gladly oblige with me replacing her old, rusty cooker with it but she happily declined.

She claimed that she’s too old for all that techno bubble and how in the hell would she not get lost with all of those buttons?!

I made that mistake once but never again! She took this oil-less turkey fryer to heart as it only had one knob and as we all know, two distinct directions.

Happy grandma, happy me!

5)    Hundreds Of Yummy Flavors In A Box

The wooden-chip box allowed for quite a versatile cooking experience.

I was playing with scents and tastes I could never imagine myself experimenting with before I had this turkey fryer!

The Disadvantages

1)    I Couldn’t Cook My 20 Pound Turkey In It!

I was really, genuinely, pissed off when I realized that I would not have the perfect solution for the sudden onslaught of my extended family bargaining in for a visit.

I tried to stuff it in but failed, my frustrations rising in accord.

In the end, I couldn’t help it and simply cooked it in the traditional way.

To all the would-be owners, please note that the maximum this oil-less turkey fryer can handle is 18 pounds.

Nothing above that weight will work.


Although this oil-less turkey fryer has served me quite well, it cannot compete against the bigger models in terms of the amount of food cooked.

In hindsight, this should have been on my radar but what can one do.

Just note that if you do require large meals on a regular basis, you are better off checking out some other Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews we did and settle on a bigger model.

To summarize, this clever, nimble, little fryer provided me with much-needed convenience, ease of storage, smoked and flavored turkeys, and a lifetime of unassailable glass!

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