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Melanie Shurka

5 reviews · 1 Menu · Approved May 2013

A fresh and modern take on traditional recipes of my family that journeyed through Iran, Kurdistan, Iraq and Israel. I use the freshest of ingredients and every bite contains contrasting yet complimentary flavors. Check out my Chef page at for more photos of my dishes and culinary journey.

5 reviews

Bevin K. February 19, 2015

Melanie and her food were fantastic!! We had a great time learning about the food and the culture that inspired the cuisine. She was so knowledgeable and extremely inclusive, which was an added element to an extremely delicious meal. The only issue was that we were completely stuffed at the end of the meal!! It was all so good we couldn't stop! She made our Valentines day special and we were so happy she was willing to share it with us.

Jonathan S. September 8, 2014

Melanie was simply superb. In all respects she was a delight, from working with her to bring the event into reality to enjoying her cooking. She showed herself to be very solicitous regarding our dietary needs (kashrut) and eco-culinary desires, always asking whether such-and-such was okay or what precisely would suit us. She adjusted the menu according to our feedback, without any prickliness. The day of the event she arrived early and cooked all day long! This after having shopped in preparation the day before. Throughout, she was friendly, easy-going and very respectful of being in our home and in the midst of our family. Dinner itself was unbelievably delicious and fun, served as an unfolding 5-course gustatory journey. Each dish was special and she made sure that the flavors did not repeat. The presentation was lovely and the quantities of food abundant. She handed out a menu beforehand, explained each dish as it was presented and seemed perfectly happy to serve, clear or pour wine -- and clean up afterward. She recommended various wines to accompany the different segments of the meal (which I went and bought), each a wonderful companion to her rich, flavorful and varied dishes. All the guests lauded her skills and personality. By the end we all were truly sated, essentially having attained a kind of elevated state, by the food, aesthetic presentation and the whole experience. Thank you, Melanie!

Leslie F. August 19, 2014

Melanie was a pleasure to work with and did a fabulous job at our dinner party. Everyone loved the food, the presentation and her explanation of the ingredients and cooking techniques she used. Dinner was absolutely delicious.
We can't wait to have her cook for us again.

Danya C. July 21, 2013

My experience with Melanie was absolutely exceptional.

She was the main chef for a pop-up restaurant I hosted, and she was a truly perfect partner. She was always quick to respond, confident in her culinary suggestions, generous (she brought a few of her own platters and wine glasses, which perfectly complemented the theme of the event), and all-around fun to get to know. She takes her work seriously and is incredibly professional, but it's also clear how much personal passion she has for the food she makes.

I'm counting down the days until we work together again!

Isaac T. May 25, 2013

Melanie is a fantastic chef. I requested a cooking lesson and plated dinner. Melanie did a great job planning the menu, was very engaging during the cooking lesson and delivered a great meal with nice wine pairings and restaurant quality service. I will definitely be recommending her to friends.