Most Popular Kitchen Appliances for the Foodie in 2023

If there’s one room a foodie loves the most, it’s the kitchen. It’s not only where you create some sumptuous dishes but also where you entertain family and friends. If you’re a true foodie, you’ve spent lots of your hard-earned money on only the newest and best kitchen appliances. But you also are keenly aware that, at one point or another, some of these appliances will break down when you least expect it.

That’s where a home warranty comes in. For only about $30 per month on average, you can get a good warranty covering all your kitchen appliances and so much more, like your home HVAC and plumbing systems. For more on this important topic, you check out Cinch Home Services: home appliances warranty blog article that focuses on kitchen appliances and your home in general.

Speaking of kitchen appliances for foodies, what are some of the most popular items for sale in 2023? In a new report by Meeras Collections, if you consider yourself a home chef who lives for cooking and creating new foodie masterpieces, you need the right kitchen appliances. Why? Because only the best appliances can make all the difference in the world when it comes to creating great eats.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen appliances for foodies in 2023.

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The Stand Mixer

Said to be an essential appliance for any foodie who loves to bake, the stand mixer can whip, knead, and mix ingredients efficiently and quickly, making them perfect for the batter, dough, and various other mixes intended for baking.

The Blender

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating sauces, soups, or smoothies, the right blender is said to be a versatile tool no home chef should be without. You need to get one that has both sharp blades and a powerful motor to get the results you’re looking for.

If the motor should burn out due to normal use, a home warranty should cover a repair or replacement, depending on your contract.

The Food Processor

The spokesperson for Meera’s Collections, a state-of-the-art food processor, is yet another “must-have” kitchen appliance for any serious foodie. Its purpose is to shred, chop, and puree a host of delicious ingredients easily and quickly, prepping them for a wide range of appetizers and main dishes.

The Cooktop or Range

Said to act as the heart of any serious foodie kitchen, your range or cooktop should also be covered by a home warranty. It’s where you will be doing most of your cooking. This means choosing a range that’s efficient, easy to clean and contains the features you want for creating your favorite meals or experimenting with new ones is important. You can’t beat a gas cooktop for creating the perfect dishes.

The Oven

The essential kitchen took for broiling, roasting, and baking; the kitchen oven ranks a close second to the cooktop in terms of overall foodie importance. You will need one with a convection setting that circulates air around the food for even cooking.

The Microwave

At base, a good microwave oven is a terrific appliance for reheating leftovers and cooking frozen meals fast and efficiently. For the best results, search for a microwave oven that contains multiple power levels and cooking settings for optimum results. Also, remember that a home warranty will likely cover a built-in microwave should it fail, but not a free-standing countertop model.

The Toaster Oven or Toaster

The perfect tool for toasting slices of bread, English muffins, bagels, and more, the toaster oven is also an excellent choice for cooking small dishes such as a single chicken quarter or for reheating leftover pizza.

The Slow Cooker

True to its name, the slow cooker is the perfect appliance for creating stews, soups, and other dishes that require slow cooking for the best results. It is engineered to cook your food at a low temperature for several hours (or even all day while you’re at work), making it flavorful, tender, and texturally satisfying.

The Electric Kettle

While not an essential kitchen appliance, an electric kettle is perfect for the foodie who likes to boil water fast and efficiently. It’s perfect for making hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day, instant coffee, all sorts of teas, and more. But you can also use it to boil water for cooking your favorite recipes.

The Dishwasher

Okay, this is technically not a cooking appliance, but your pots, pans, and plates must be cleaned several times daily. Washing and drying by hand not only get old fast, it’s inefficient and dries out your skin. A dishwasher allows you to clean up easily and quickly, giving you more time to enjoy your delicious meals and chat with your dinner guests.

Cooking your favorite meals can be a rewarding experience. You don’t have to be a proficient home chef to please yourself and your family with your kitchen creations. Ensure that your expensive kitchen appliances are covered by the right home warranty or your foodie hobby might be abandoned for take-out.