Mother’s Day Treats for the Baking Impaired


Mother’s Day Treats for the Baking Impaired

Showing Mom that she’s special on Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be hard. It truly is the thought that counts. You can create a treat that will wow and show your affection, even if you’re not a culinary artist.

You can spruce up some boxed mixes or purchased treats and still have the home made feel and effect that you would like. If you can mix up a few ingredients and put something in the oven, you can create these treats. If the kids want to create a Mother’s Day treat these recipes will allow them to help with minimal effort or clean up.

Dressed up cakes and cupcakes

One box cake mix – any flavor

One container frosting – vanilla or white

One small package instant pudding

One small package gelatin

Eggs, water and oil according to cake mix package

Empty the cake mix and pudding into a bowl. Add ingredients according to package directions and bake according to package directions. To make the frosting, empty the container of frosting into a bowl and add the package of gelatin and stir until combined. This will give your frosting a nice pale color and a light flavor as well.

This recipe allows you to make a cake or cupcakes to suit your special woman’s taste, without much fuss or added ingredients while staying within a budget. It also allows children to help with a minimum amount of mess since you are not working with any food coloring. These colors fit well into the spring season of Mother’s Day.

The pudding gives you a moister cake while adding a light flavor. You can mix and match flavors to make a creation as you unique as the woman you are honoring. Mix cheesecake pudding into the cake and cherry gelatin into the frosting for a cherry cheesecake. Try white chocolate pudding and cranberry gelatin. If you want a light and summery taste, try a lemon pudding and gelatin. There are so many flavors that will help you make your treat more gourmet and fit the taste of the special mom on Mother’s Day.

If you want to take this a step further and even more impressive, you can add pie filling as an extra surprise. You can purchase canned pie filling in the baking section of your local grocery store. To add to a cake, pour half the cake mix into your prepared pan, add approximately one cup of pie filling but do not spread it all the way to the edges, then the remainder of the cake mix on top of the filling. If you are doing a double layer cake, add the pie filling between the two layers, but not all the way to the edges and then frost the cake.

For cupcakes, fill the cupcake liners with approximately 1/8 cup of cake mix, place approximately one teaspoon of pie filling in the center, then top with another 1/8 cup cake mix.

To make the tops of your cakes or cupcakes look more gourmet, you can top them with fresh fruits, shaved chocolate, or edible flowers, which you can find in the produce section of larger grocery stores. Write an “M” for Mom or Mother’s Day, or write that special mom’s name on top of the cupcake. If you don’t have decorating tips, simply place the frosting into a zip close bag and snip off a corner of the bag for quick decorating. These can give an elegant look very quickly without a high skill requirement.

Jazzy cookies

What if your special woman likes cookies but you don’t want or know how to make cookies from scratch? Larger grocery stores that have a bakery usually carry pre-baked cookies. You can take these and decorate them with some store bought icing. The baking aisle of your grocery store now carries icings that are already colored and include tips that allow you to decorate and personalize the cookies.

If you don’t find any cookies in the bakery section that you like, you can find a sugar cookie mix near the cake mixes. If that’s more than you want to try, head to the refrigerated section where you will find cookie dough ready to bake. Many of these doughs are available in more gourmet flavors, allowing you to just place it on a cookie sheet and bake.

You can also find sugar cookie dough that you simply roll out and cut, then decorate with icing from the baking aisle. Cut these into fun shapes with a cookie cutter that fits your special woman’s personality. You can find unusual cookie cutters at your local craft store or cake supply store. Cookie cutters are available in everything from letters, animals, hobbies or even fun hobbies and interests like high heeled shoes or tea pots. Choose a cookie cutter that matches the personality of the woman you want to honor.

You can easily create a treat that is sure to impress for Mother’s Day and show your love along with being home made. The extra effort you make will be a small measure of your love.

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