Best Chefs in New York

Our list here aims to inform you about the best chefs who live and work in New York City. As everyone knows, New York is quite a modern city and has a very diverse population. So it isn’t really surprising that you can find good culinary diversity here, each catering to particular palettes and preferences.

We sought the help of food bloggers, professional chefs, and of course, New York residents. We also tested what the restaurants that made it in our shortlist are currently offering. And at the end, we rounded up who we consider are the best of the best in New York’s culinary scene. Here they are:

Top Chefs in New York

Daniel Boulud

Boulud has been living in New York since the 80s. And he actually operates 7 restaurants at the moment. One of them, named Daniel, has won two Michelin stars. His other restaurants include DB Bistro Moderne, Bar Boulud, Café Boulud, Boulud Sud, DBGB Kitchen and Bar, and Epicerie Boulud Market.

Masaharu Morimoto

This Japanese celebrity chef is a staple of the hit TV show, Iron Chef America. He started out his career in the US by working at Nobu. His current restaurant is Morimoto, located along 10th avenue. It specializes in omakase offerings, and a multi-tasting menu.

Marcus Samuelsson

An Ethiopian chef who grew up in Sweden, Samuelsson’s most famous restaurant in New York is Red Rooster, located in Harlem. Red Rooster specializes in tasty southern-style comfort food, such as fried chicken.

Eric Ripert

Ripert is the owner of one of the top restaurants in New York today, Le Bernardin. They’ve garnered over 3 Michelin stars, and are also a must-visit restaurant according to many New York foodies. So this also means getting a reservation there isn’t easy, and can cost around $200 per head (at the time of writing).

Tom Colicchio

Colicchio is known as one of the hosts of Bravo’s Top Chef. And some of his highly acclaimed restaurants include Craft (and its sandwich-themed sister restaurant, ‘Wichcraft), CraftBar, and Colicchio and Sons.

New York itself is composed of several different neighborhoods. This is why its culinary scene is so diverse. New York City is a huge melting pot, and it seems like there’s always a type of cuisine that’s currently a hit among its residents — Be it French, Italian, Japanese, etc.

People enjoy dining in New York because you can find classic restaurants that serve the usual traditional takes on their favorite cuisine, and modern versions of it as well. Its neighborhoods work as a catalog of multicultural food scenes, and every block in each one of these neighborhoods, be it Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn — You’ll end up encountering the type of food or cuisine you’re craving for at the moment. Especially if you dine in at the restaurants of the 5 best chefs in New York City today.