Now Is the Time to Invest in an Out-the-Front Knife

During these uncertain times, men and women across the globe wish to protect themselves in the event something happens. They need to know they can keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Guns remain one option, but many people aren’t comfortable carrying or using a firearm. They look for alternatives, and some individuals find they feel most comfortable purchasing a knife. With several styles to choose from, they could become overwhelmed and not know which to select. Out-the-front (OTF) knives are one option consumers should never overlook.

Now Is the Time to Invest in an Out-the-Front Knife

What is an Out-The-Front Knife?

When they were first introduced, OTF knives were gravity knives. The user would need to hold the knife so the blade opening pointed downward. To release the blade, they would then push a button or lever. Once the blade fully extended, it automatically locked into place. The user would need to do the reverse to return the blade to the knife handle. However, manufacturers found their clients wanted another option, one that would allow the user more control over the blade without relying on gravity, such as an out the front knife from

In the early twentieth century, they began making these knives with a spring. The user could then use this spring to extend the blade against gravity. This meant the user would need to retract the blade manually, rather than allowing it to do so automatically. To distinguish between the two types, manufacturers referred to these knives as single-action OTF knives.

Consumers must know the difference between the various OTF knives when they go to make a purchase to ensure they get the desired type. Today, most OTF knives are of the double-action variety. The user opens and closes the knife by pushing or pulling the thumb lever. There is some question as to where this knife first originated, but many people believe the double-action out-the-front knife was created in the 1960s in Toledo, Spain.

These are only a few of many OTF knives available today. Be sure to review the entire selection to find the one that best meets your needs. However, be aware that these knives have sadly earned a terrible reputation over the years. They have often depicted in the 1950s Hollywood movies as the weapon of choice for criminals or rough characters, and many people today still view these blades negatively.

Now Is the Time to Invest in an Out-the-Front Knife

The Benefits of an Out-The-Front Knife

Individuals often choose an out-the-front knife because it is easy to deploy. They only need one hand free to release the blade, of great importance in emergency situations. People who want to look cool also choose this style because it impresses others when the knife blade comes out. The following are some popular brands to consider.

Microtech: Microtech has earned an outstanding reputation for automatic knives. Founded in 1994 by Anthony and Susan Marfione, the company strives to create the best knives while exceeding the highest standards of quality. Every knife made by this company boasts American-made manufacturing, materials, and labor. In fact, they make over 95 percent of the components used in the knives in-house. This allows the company to provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty on every product they sell. In addition, the team sharpens every knife by hand. To ensure the highest level of quality, the products undergo rigorous testing, research, and development. This allows for impeccably close tolerances, and the company is always pushing the boundaries of expectation.

Benchmade: More than 30 years ago, Benchmade was founded to create something better; something exceptional. The company strives to take performance and reliability to the next level and to go beyond the customer’s expectations. The company offers a LifeSharp Lifetime Service and Product Warranty as a way to stand behind the products they sell. The company combines premium blade steels with aerospace-grade handle materials to ensure customers get a quality product at an affordable price. Modern laser cutters and CNC machining centers ensure the knives come with the control and tolerances more frequently seen in the aerospace industry.

Smith and Wesson: When individuals think of Smith and Wesson, they likely think of the company’s firearms. However, firearms only account for a portion of the company’s product lineup. Smith and Wesson also make knives, as they know customers want quality whatever weapon they decide to carry. From assisted opening to fixed blade knives, a person finds everything they need when they purchase a product made by this company. They buy with confidence, knowing this manufacturer stands behind everything they sell.

Pirahna: Pirahna knives started in a machine shop where workers created custom knives for customers. Requests for the knives increased, and the company decided to begin making knives for the public. Today, individuals know they can turn to this company for a high-quality, hand-manufactured automatic knife. Consumers love that the knives come with one of the best warranties in the industry, thanks to the comprehensive coverage it offers. They appreciate being able to choose the options and colors of importance to them. The commanding kick when the knife opens along with the solid lock once the blade extends are things customers look for when purchasing a knife. In addition, the 6061-T6 aluminum handles come with recessed grooves to ensure the user gets a solid grip. Try one today, as you are sure to be impressed.

The Legality of Out-the-Front Knives

Before making a purchase, learn the laws in your area. Some localities prohibit the use or carrying of OTF knives. For instance, Virginia does not allow auto-open knives, including out-the-front switchblades. Only law enforcement officers are permitted to have this type of weapon in their possession in Virginia. It’s best to have this information before you make a purchase so you don’t find yourself in trouble with the law. In addition, review the laws regularly, as they can and do change with time.

If you are considering a new knife, look into OTF knives. Many people find they prefer this style over the many others available today. Others purchase an OTF knife to add to their collection. Regardless of why you are purchasing a knife, this is one option that should not be overlooked. It becomes of great help in a variety of situations people find themselves in. Check them out today.