The Oil-Less Air Fryer by Avalon Bay Review

Air Fryer by Avalon Bay Product Image

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Is it just me or do most oil-less food fryers resemble common household items?

This model reminds me of a vacuum cleaner, hopefully, it won’t function as one!

I’m just fooling around for a bit, even though the first thing that must be said about the Air Fryer is that you cannot use it to fry turkeys inside of it.

Many of our readers have opened this article in hopes that they would find one here but that isn’t the case.

If you are looking for something a bit more exquisite, then please feel free to check out our Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews!

Be it as it may, let’s get on with our excerpt with our experience of this fryer.


  • Only 14 Pounds Of Weight To It

This really would have to be one of the lightest models I have seen during my extensive career. I would sometimes hold it in my hand and not even notice the weight!

  • Dimension Of 13.5 x 11 x 12.8 Inches

Considering its weight, the dimensions themselves are quite the accomplishment. When you take into consideration space to weight ratio, this one is on the good side!

  • Innovative Way Of Cooking

Using the air around us has always been something we humans strived to do. It provides us with much-needed electricity and is one of the reasons why you’re able to read this in the first place.

To use it to cook, however, is a whole different story!

I’m excited to see how this technology compares to the other methods of delivering heat.

  • 1400 Watts Of Power

Air Fryer by Avalon Bay Side Image

It’s acceptable I guess. I’ve seen stronger models but when I look back on how much it weighs, I let out a sigh of relief as this really pushes it to the limit.

I have never seen such a small model bring out so much power.

  • 30 Minute Timer

It’s nothing impressive really but still a good addition.

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting about your meal with it, so it does its job!

  • Useful Additions To The Fryer

The 52-page cookbook and the multi-rack were great, but the non-stick baking dish really SEALED THE DEAL for me!

As its moniker implies on its own, I never had to worry about my food getting stuck inside of the fryer or having uncooked goods as a direct result of my meal being in one place during the entire process.

  • Wide Scope Of Temperature Control

This one really tickled my fancy as I simply love to have the ability to cook my meal the way I want it to!

The range varied from 180 to 400 degrees, what more could one want from an oil-less fryer?!

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The Advantages

1)    No Holds Barred 90 Day Return Policy

While one might expect the first thing to befall my eye to be something unique about the model itself, the return policy is simply too good to not mention it as soon as possible!

Air Fryer by Avalon Bay In UseWith ninety days under your belt, you could literally write a book about the damn thing and still be able to get your money back.


2)    Lightweight Makes It Flexible For Your Needs

This oil-less fryer is perfect for the lonesome traveler or the adventurous family. I had already mentioned how I didn’t even feel its weigh on me, I had completely forgotten about it!

What was also remarkable was the way it fit in my purse or backpack. It’s so handy and nifty that even under such small confines, it still left room for other stuff to be put in.

3)    Powerful XL-Fan Technology

I was a bit unsure about the so-called usage of air in the culinary circles, but a simple fan has changed my mind.

Its usage is two-fold:

  1. It blows out all the oil and nasty juices from your meat
  2. It air-fries your meal by moving it upwards through a process called convection

One actuality that really gelled itself into my being was the fact that it was doing that all throughout the entire course of the cooking process!

What an awesome piece of technology.

4)    The Drip Basket

Usually, the drip basket featured in other models would fill up quickly and one would have to oftentimes change it.

An inexperienced user might note that this is a good thing as it means that more fat is being expelled from the meat.

That is not true, it all has to do with the size of the drip basket, and most of the time, you’ll see them being not adequately sized, even on larger models!

I had to put this in as a huge benefit as I see many oil-less fryers following the same route, one of the tiny drip baskets.


1)    Limited Usability Because Of Size

If I had to recommend it for anything, it would be for either fries or smaller pieces of meat.

It’s not really designed to feed a lot of people but for a smaller family or the lonesome vagabond, it will be just fine.

2)    Limited Creativity Because Of Proportions

Not really a whole lot to add to it, simply speaking, one cannot expect to do any sort of masterful combinations on this oil-less fryer.


With all that being said, I still think that considering its size, price point, flexibility, and general affability, especially for those that aren’t too keen on larger models, this fryer is a perfect choice.

Naturally speaking, if your family numbers quite the number of people, I would suggest simply opting for another fryer from our collection.

To summarize; Small, compact, and ready to travel wherever you would want to go!

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