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The BentoHeaven Bento Box is a revolutionary product that is magnificently designed in Japanese traditions. Its attractive features, sturdily built quality and easy cleaning procedure will make you fall in love with it. Be it for self-use or for gifting purposes; this lunch box is just the right option for everything.

Product Description

The original BentoHeaven bento box, bundled with a free lunch bag, divider, utensils, chopsticks, and fun lunch box notes would make you drool over it. It is a super stylish leak-resistant product that is amazingly designed and meant for family and friends.

It is just the item your colleagues and friends have been longing for. It is spill-proof and hence ideal for carrying any kind of food items, be it soupy, thick or dry. The great container is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. This makes it hold the entire box very tightly.

Explore the joy of munching fresh and home-cooked food in your airtight best bento box. You can carry your food under any circumstances for a long time and expect that the food remains intact and fresh with its smell as the containers are built with BPA free materials.

Even a strong jerking of the box would also let it leak in addition to that its microwave resistant power gives you the freedom to reheat your lunch wherever possible. The most incredible factor is that this box allows you to have total control over the portion of your meal to maintain fitness.

A Perfect All-in-one Solution For Lunch

You can maintain a healthy diet plan with separate food items by carrying more than one item in its two compartments. Sometimes it so happens that we forget to carry the right cutlery with the lunch bag. This never happens with BentoHeaven Bento Box.

It comes with an exciting set of cutlery which comprises a fork, a knife, and a spoon. You also get a surprisingly Free pair of chopsticks along with the box. After packing the meal and the matching cutlery set, you get sufficient space to place a napkin. Hence it is a perfect all in one solution.

With BentoHeaven Bento Box, Safety Comes First

The BentoHeaven Bento Box prioritizes safety. If you are a little finicky about the quality of the lunch box products, you would be glad to know that BentoHeaven Bento Box is built with BPA free materials and is non-toxic. Hence no need to worry about the contamination of food. You can ensure that it is 100% leak-proof with its silicone sealed lids and the air ventilation plug allows the food to remain fresh for hours.

A Great Idea For Gifting!

The all-new, reusable, leak-resistant BentoHeaven Bento Box is an ideal gift item as well. Exploring such a product would be a delightful experience for a near and dear one. The modern designs are incorporated from Japanese traditions and are undoubtedly impressive. You get an added advantage of using its free lunchbox notes to surprise the person with a thoughtful message. Print the message and place it in the box to please your family or friends. Hence gifting this best bento box can be fun.


  • Manufacturer: BentoHeaven
  • Model number: BH301BB
  • Capacity: Can hold a full meal for an adult
  • Special features: BPA free, microwave proof, free cutlery set, chopsticks, and lunch box notes
  • Colors: Bamboo Black, Bamboo White
  • size 7.3*4*4.3
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces
  • Rating: 4.5/5


The cleaning process of a BentoHeaven Bento Box is relatively easy. Due to the smooth texture of its interior, you can clean it quickly. The box is dishwasher and freezer safe and hence can be cleaned up without your hard work being implemented. Use mild liquid soap or soapy water to clean it. All removable utensils and cutlery sets allow you to wash the box thoroughly. You can wipe it with a soft cotton cloth after cleaning it.


  • It has great looks, which eventually attracts the attention of others. No doubt you will be asked about it.
  • Retains the moisture in the containers.
  • With its smooth texture, it can be cleaned with ease.
  • The utensils are right-sized and have enough room to hold a full meal of an adult.
  • The plastic does not get stained irrespective of the food items.


  • Minor issues have been reported about the strap that holds the entire thing together.
  • There is only a single band to hold the complete product.
  • The container could have been more leak resistant.
  • The lids are quite deep, and this might lead to space crunching for packing food.
  • The plastic inside is small and is sometimes difficult to use.


Bento Box becomes your travel partner as it is easy to carry. When you plan to go for a long drive, never miss out on the health benefits of your home-made food. Pack two cheese sandwiches teamed with sauce in the spill-proof BentoHeaven Bento Box and carry it in your backpack. Enjoy a stress-free experience of carrying the home-cooked meal.

You might have explored innumerable boxes, but going through the Bento Box will give you an option to settle for. With its premium quality, the product is extremely sturdy. The compartments are tightly locked with a vacuum type sealant that holds the lid tightly. Because of the quality of the silicon, it is nearly impossible for the food to leak even from the corners of the box. Hence whenever you feel hungry, you can open it anywhere and anytime. The plastic used is also of good quality.

BentoHeaven Bento Box successfully holds a good amount of food. The Box is even more spacious than other branded products that you have been using for years. You can expect to hold the cutlery comfortably in your hand and is also made of good plastic products.  The texture of the chopsticks is a little tricky to stop the food from slipping away so that you can easily lift the food and gobble. Your experience with BentoHeaven Bento Box will be undeniably pleasing.

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