Q&A – How the buyer and seller experience has shifted since Covid and what GoBiz USA is doing for the future of online sales.

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It’s been two years since the world was shaken by news of Covid, and a lot has changed since then. Many businesses were either affected in a negative or a positive way, while consumers shifted the way they buy goods. 

In a recent Census study

“The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2022, adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes, was $257.3 billion, an increase of 2.7 percent.

(±0.7%) from the first quarter of 2022. 

Total retail sales for the second quarter of 2022 were estimated at $1,778.6 billion, an

increase of 1.9 percent (±0.4%) from the first quarter of 2022. The second quarter of 2022 e-commerce estimate increased by 6.8 percent (±1.1%) from the second quarter of 2021, while total retail sales increased by 7.2 percent (±0.5%) in the same period. 

E-commerce sales in the second quarter of 2022 accounted for 14.5 percent of total sales.”

What this means is that online sales are booming and are only projected to increase with consumers shopping online more than ever!

GoBiz USA recognizes this MASSIVE shift and offers thousands of unique quality products that are all cross-checked for complete customer satisfaction. 

During the pandemic, there was a huge spike in online sales due to the fact that people were advised to isolate and stay indoors, so they took to doing things like…

  1. Purchasing workout gear and home exercise equipment to stay fit.
  2. Finally starting a new home decor and backyard project that they have been put off.
  3. Buy games to keep themselves entertained.
  4. Mastering their skills with educational online audiobooks and paperback reading materials. 
  5. Picking up a new hobby that includes musical instruments, painting, and such…

Most of those impulse purchases led to people enjoying their newfound routines, hobbies, and exciting skills that gave online stores even more business in the long run.

Buying online is easier than ever, with marketplaces offering competitive pricing on similar products allowing consumers to find the best deals and more bang for their buck.  

Here are a few questions that we wanted to answer that will bring light to what’s to come for the future of the buyer and seller experience and the impact GoBiz USA intends to have…

1. How has Covid changed the buyer experience?

The most significant change that Covid has made to the buyer experience is the shift to online shopping. In the past, buyers would physically go to stores to purchase items, but now many buyers are opting to buy items online instead. This change is likely due to the fact that Covid has made it difficult for people to go out and shop in person. Additionally, Covid has also made it easier for buyers to compare prices and find the best deals online.

2. How has Covid changed the seller experience?

Covid has changed the seller experience by making it more challenging to sell products and services. In addition, it has made it more difficult to find buyers who are willing to purchase products and services.

3. How well do sellers really know their buyers now?

Most sellers have a pretty good idea of who their buyers are and what they are looking for. However, some buyers are always difficult to read and may not be entirely honest about their needs and wants. As a result, it is always possible that a seller could misjudge a buyer and end up selling them a product that they are not entirely happy with.

4. What are buyers’ new business challenges?

The buyer’s business challenges are to increase sales and profits. The company needs to find new customers and increase its market share. It also needs to improve its product line and introduce new products. It’s a constant race to have the best and lowest-price product on the market.

5. How do clients feel about their service providers?

Clients feel that their service providers are knowledgeable and helpful. They appreciate the provider’s ability to answer their questions and provide valuable information. 

6. How do buyers search for service providers?

Buyers typically search for service providers by looking for businesses that offer the services they need. They may use search engines, directories, or other online resources to find providers in their area. Once they have a list of potential providers, they may contact them directly to inquire about pricing and availability.

7. How do buyers evaluate service providers?

Buyers evaluate service providers on a number of factors, including price, quality, availability, and customer service. Price is often the most important factor, as it is a direct reflection of the value of the service. Quality is also important, as it reflects the ability of the service provider to meet the needs of the buyer. Availability is another key factor, as it reflects the ability of the service provider to be available when the buyer needs them. Finally, customer service is important, as it reflects the ability of the service provider to provide a positive experience for the buyer.

8. How does the online industry compare?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different industries will have different levels of competition. However, as a general statement, it can be said that businesses in more competitive industries will have to work harder to stand out from their competitors. This may mean investing more in marketing and advertising, offering more competitive prices, or providing higher customer service.

9. What is GoBiz USA doing to minimize vendor competition online?

GoBiz USA is changing the buyer and seller experience to create less competition for vendors by offering better quality products without compromising price inconsistencies. The main problem with having too many similar products online actually drives the cost of the product up, and it ends up fluctuating. As an example, I’m sure you have seen the same product on Amazon priced differently. That’s because various vendors are selling the same item, and the competition is steep. GoBiz USA hand-selects vendors and unique products that don’t compete with each other giving GoBiz USA a fair marketplace. 

10. What advantages does GoBiz USA have for buyers?

GoBiz USA provides a unique executive-level system, advanced operational solutions, competitive B2B business advantages, and the following benefits:

  • Quality Grade-A Products
  • 4% Cashback on purchases
  • Free shipping with FedEx
  • Net 30 terms upon approval
  • Membership Perks and Resources
  • GoBiz USA Debit card with incentives
  • Hands-on customer service and solutions team
  • Virtual manufacturing for private label
  • Drop-ship capabilities and features
  • Oracle Netsuite executive-level dashboard and data reporting system
  • Eco-Friendly shipping for bulk items
  • No commitment required
  • Instant access to bulk wholesale goods at a cost advantage

With thousands of products ranging from office supplies, home goods, outdoor, sporting, apparel, health, beauty, gaming, and industrial products to choose from, consumers will be able to find what they need at the best price for the value.