Reasons Why you Should Ditch Tobacco and Switch to Vaping

As the number of devices hitting the market continues to increase, many of us struggle to catch up. Most people do not understand how vaping is different from smoking. Why should an individual choose to vape instead of smoking?

Reasons Why you Should Ditch Tobacco and Switch to Vaping

Here are seven reasons why you should make the switch from smoking to vaping.

Vaping is healthier.

Cigarette smoke comprises tar as one of its key ingredients. Are you wondering what tar is made of? Tar is a combination of several combustion byproducts that have carcinogenic properties. Therefore, when you smoke a cigarette, these harmful ingredients can adversely affect your organs.

This explains why smoke is associated with many health hazards, including diseases of the heart, cancers, chronic coughs, difficulties in pregnancy, etc. On the other hand, vaping does away with combustion byproducts. When you vape, you only inhale the clean vapor. It only contains the desired stimulant.

You can significantly improve your health by ditching cigarettes and switching to vape pens.

There is no after-smell when you vape.

When you smoke, you constantly need to check the odor of your mouth. You need to chew gum/mint and wash your hands to lessen the bad smell. In fact, how much ever you try to hide your habit of smoking, your house and clothes reveal it all.

However, vaping can leave a very pleasant experience for your nose based on what you use.

Vaping is great for your appearance.

Did you know that smoking could make you look older than your actual age? Unlike smoking, vaping does not lead to the discoloration of your fingertips and teeth. This is so because it does not contain any tar. The burning of plants gives us tar. Vaping, in contrast, does not have any other implications. It does not give you eye bags under the eyes; neither does it lead to eye dryness and irritation, stretch marks, or skin tightness like how smoking does.

Vaping is better for the environment and people around you.

Each passing day, more and more cigarette remnants are garbaged around by smokers. These remains make their way into rivers, streets, and other unwanted areas. Also, the filters placed inside the cigarette are not biodegradable, which is extremely harmful to the environment.

Reasons Why you Should Ditch Tobacco and Switch to Vaping

In addition to this, the smoke produced during cigarette smoking pollutes the air. Not just that, the people around the smoker also suffer badly.

On the contrary, a proper vape will limit the possible chances of harmful smoking filling the air. Your friends and family can also remain safe. What else can you ask for?!

Vaping is effective in helping you to quit smoking.

One of the primary reasons why a smoker finds quitting difficult is because of nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine is addictive. The e-liquids used in vaping have smaller amounts of nicotine. It allows the smoker to make an easy switch from smoking to vaping.

In fact, you could buy replacement products for nicotine, which can be used in vape pens to help you get rid of smoking.

Vaping is cheaper.

You might expect a vaping device to cost you a lot. A good vape pen may cost about $250, but it will last long. Later, you only have to spend on e-liquids and other essential accessories. In comparison, the price of one pack of cigarettes on an average was about $7.26 in 2018.

If you smoked a pack a day, your monthly expenditure alone would be at least $225, whereas a 10 mL e-liquid will cost about $7 and is equal to 5 cigarette packs. It is now evident that vaping is much more affordable and cheaper when compared to smoking.

Vaping is discreet

Vape pens are small and do not even look similar to a smoke device. The vapor is neither visible nor smelly. You could vape anywhere, and you won’t be seen. Be it home, office, or a train, there is no need to step into a private zone to smoke. Vaping gives you the freedom to smoke irrespective of the place you are in.

Summing up

After examining the different aspects of vaping and smoking, the benefits of vaping are evidently more. Even in monetary terms, smoking is expensive and causes deaths, which could be prevented.

There is clear evidence that the use of e-cigarettes is associated both with a higher quit rate for individuals as well as at the population level. A 2017 study from BMJ concludes that “e-cigarette users were more likely than non-users to attempt to quit smoking” and “more likely to succeed in quitting.“ Vaping is beneficial both in terms of health and expenses.