Regale Microwave Ovens Offers A Free Panasonic Cooker

Regale Microwave Ovens Offers A Free Panasonic Cooker

Regale Microwave Ovens introduces the biggest-ever and we couldn’t be more excited. Regale Microwave Ovens is now offering a FREE Panasonic rice cooker with every other purchase of microwave.

The microwave oven kept in this promotion is the 1800 W inverter-powered lightweight microwave oven, which contains a metal door to ensure easy cleaning and longer lifespan. The heat up range is known as Panasonic NE1878.

The Panasonic NE1878, high-tech inverter makes sure of faster and gentle cooking, at the same hour saving time and energy. An oven is an ideal tool for a professional kitchen, even with limited space, since the units are stackable.

Individuals buying this model will acquire a free rice cooker named SR-GA421, which is worth over 120 pounds, accompanied with 2kg of Tilda rice present inside. The rice cooker features a 4.2 liters capacity, stainless steel lid, and functions to keep rice warm.

Another model, presented in this offer is Panasonic NE-C1275 13. A microwave, designed to perfection, that enables a five-way cooking method. It attains a plug-in combination. The rice cooker incorporated with this microwave model is named as SR-GA721, accompanied by 5kg of rice within it (that is a whopping amount!).

The rice cooker attains a capacity of 7.2 lit, contains a stainless steel lid, and ensures to keep the food warm. Meanwhile, the premium models named Panasonic NE-1880 & NE-3280 also qualified for the promotion.

The fantastic giveaway is restricted with a tagline “until the stock lasts.” Therefore, hurry up and take hold of this incredible offer. Furthermore, Regale Microwave will deliver your product at your doorstep, that too, without any additional charges.