Replacing Butter and Margarine When You Bake


If you are like most Americans, you get out your cookbooks and cookie cutters every Christmas for baking. Baking is fun, but if you make a recipe that flops, it can be very upsetting. Here are a few helpful tips about butter and margarine that may help you have less “flop” recipes this year.

If a recipe calls for butter OR margarine, then you are fine. Just use which one you prefer or what you have in your refrigerator at the time.

However, if a recipe calls for butter, be sure you use butter and not margarine or other “spread”. The fat content in margarine and spreads vary from brand to brand. Margarine has a bit less fat than butter and some spreads contain up to 50% water.

If you substitute butter or a spread for margarine, it may (and probably will) alter the taste AND texture of the finished product.

The best way to keep your treats from “flopping” is to use exact measured amounts of ingredients what the recipe calls for.

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