Review of NordicWare Baking Products

If you have made a Bundt cake chances are you made it in one of the bundt pans created by NordicWare. NordicWare has been making ovenware, kitchenware, and bakeware since 1946. NordicWare created the first basic Bundt pan, in 1950. They have come a long way since then has gone from the basic fluted style Bundt pan to more ornate designed bakeware. In 1972 when NordicWare adapted new technology of their products, which was aluminum die-casting making them number one in the industry.

Today NordicWare remains a leader in the industry providing kitchenware to households, businesses, and some of the world’s top Chef’s around the world. NordicWare is the epitome of quality and product guarantee. Many people are still using NordicWare Bundt pans purchased over 20 years. Ago. Today you have many options in terms of bakeware and overall kitchenware designs with NordicWare.

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In 2000 and in celebration of the 50th anniversary NordicWare created their Star Bundt Pan. For their 60th anniversary, they have created a Limited Edition Bundt Pan similar to their first only larger than today’s’ current Bundt Pans and with handles like the original. There is also a cookbook designed for the 60th anniversary entitled The Nordic Ware Saga, which retails for $30.00. Also, they have also created a line of Gourmet Bundt Cake mixes, which is available in nine different flavors.

In reviewing the Bundt Cake pans at the NordicWare Web site, there are two different qualities of pans. The heavier aluminum pans, made like the original and the first Bundt Cake Pan is the more expensive but generally lasts a lifetime. The NordicWare Bundt Cake Pans range from $15.00 up to $35.00 depending on the quality and style. Some of the fancier Bundt pans are designed to make your Bundt cake from mold on top to look like daisies, a cathedral, or a sandcastle. There is even a Bundt Cake Pan that makes a little cottage in the forest to create a little girl’s dream cake. If you are looking for an intricate Fleur De Lis design, they offer that as well. Most of the fancier Bundt Cakes are available in the heavy aluminum only but are worth the price. The mini Bundt Cake Pan is a favorite offering a four-in-one design option, which is ideal for celebrations.

NordicWare is usually carried at most fine retailers and department stores such as Linen-N-Things, Target, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and others.