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Ron Arazi

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Growing up in a Moroccan- Lebanese home was the starting point of my journey into the realm of professional kitchens.

Acquiring my culinary degree in Israel gave me the opportunity to establish my own version of Mediterranean - Middle Eastern cuisine.

All pastries and desserts are done by me and my wife, the pastry chef , Leetal. you can view more of her creations on her profile:

You can also find me on my website -

12 reviews

Rachel L. December 3, 2013

We had a wonderful evening and dinner/Hanukkah party with Ron and Leetal. They are both amazingly talented chefs and their food was superb. We are fairly critical eaters - and we had a number of those foodie types at our party - and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The lamb was simply superb. Ron and Leetal were very concerned about the guests enjoyment of the food and ensured that it was presented and plated in such a way as to maximize our enjoyment. The menu itself was wonderful - creative and interesting, but still homey and comforting, with enough variation to encompass non-meat eaters, etc. There were also certain touches - the hand-rolled cous cous for example, that went beyond excellent to extraordinary - literally the best cous cous I have ever had in my life. And there were other lovely touches - such as the sage-flavored butter cookies and the beautiful Morroccan tea with fresh orange zest that just occurred throughout the meal. Moreover, Ron & Leetal have a lovely way about them - they were flexible, organized, responsible and friendly. Having strangers to your house is always a bit of a gamble but they were non-intrusive and respectful and so easy to work with. We felt like they really cared about the food and making sure we all had a great time. They also left the kitchen clean - a big plus! Many of our friends asked for their information before they left - another indication of how good they were. And we were able to relax and enjoy our own party! We look forward to working with Ron & Leetal again.

sarah j p. June 10, 2013

we had the great pleasure of ron and leetal's company and fine cooking skills, who together served a fairly large moroccan themed meal for our family. they were both so lovely to have in our home and so efficient both in their service and cleanup but of course most importantly all of us loved the food and the pleasure ron and leetal took in offering up such fine fare. they are enthusiastic, inspired and care very deeply about the experience for those who they are plating for. im sure they will make many other clients feel the same way and i hope we have another opportunity to have them cook for us.

Fifi S. May 25, 2013

We had a wonderful family dinner last night courtesy of ron - they made a delicious celebratory meal for our family. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for authentic middle eastern food; delicious!

Christopher M. May 5, 2013

Ron did a small dinner for five people featuring his hand-rolled couscous with a Spring Lamb. He also did his variation on traditional Moroccan bread—he adds a little bit of sourdough so it's chewier and not as cakey (which I loved). All in: Ron is an incredible pro—always on time, great follow up, and exquisite food.

I've worked with him on multiple occasions and hope to work with him again in the future. He's got a passion for sharing his heritage through food and it's a privilege to be the recipient of that.

Jeremy L. March 29, 2013

Ron catered a dinner for 20. It was great.

Kathleen K. March 25, 2013

Wonderful evening!
Ron and his wife made the most fantastic meal for our friends . We celebrated and enjoyed the evening completely.

Saskia S. February 24, 2013

Ron and his lovely wife Leetal prepared an extraordinary dinner for 6 in our home to celebrate my birthday. Every one of our guests, all picky New York City foodies, was blown away by the quality of the ingredients and their preparation, the care and attention to presentation and the passion with which Ron and Leetal explained what we were enjoying. These two have all the talent to go very far, and we will be booking them again in the near future. Thank you Ron and Leetal!

Vincent W. February 15, 2013

The experience was fantastic. Ron and his wife made amazing food, took the time to share the origins of the recipes, dishes, tastes, etc. They also let us partake in making the ravioli which was a very fun experience. All 4 of us had a really good time.

Samantha C. January 28, 2013

Ron and Lital conceptualized, made and served a beautiful, delicious and well balanced Friday night feast for my family. They accommodated our dairy and gluten intolerances without compromising taste or style. From my young children to their grandparents, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the taste sensations! Unequivocally recommend Ron and Lital to others!!

ariane g. December 19, 2012

Ron was fantastic. The service, food and company was just superb. DEFINITELY recommended again!

Priya P. December 17, 2012

Ron was a wonderful wonderful chef. He made us an incredible (made-from-scratch) Moroccan feast, complete with hand-made couscous. I've never had anything like it. It was a delicious meal and carefully crafted to show off tastes from the region. I couldn't recommend him higher.

Christopher M. December 14, 2012

Ron made an amazing meal assisted by his wife and pastry chef, Leetal. The brief to Ron was: make a meal that's meaningful to you for a dinner party. Ron did not disappoint. He drew on his Moroccan and Lebanese heritage to create a richly spiced and textured meal that consisted of: homemade couscous (you usually can't buy the real thing which is made out of semolina flour), crostina, Moroccan salads, and an amazing seasonal pumpkin, chickpea, and caramelized onion concoction to put over the couscous. Everything was spectacular—earthy and flavorful on a cold winter night. On top of that, Ron also freshly baked some Moroccan bread, which was out of this world. The kitchen was left completely spotless and both Ron and Leetal were amazing personalities and enjoyed sharing their food and cultural traditions. We couldn't have asked for more.