Rubbermaid 12.5 Gallon Food Storage Box

Rubbermaid 12.5 Gallon Food Storage Box

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You can never have enough food storage boxes. If you are looking for some large-sized, high-quality food storage boxes, the ones by Rubbermaid might be the best ones out there that will meet your requirements up to every bit of detail.

Key Features


26” × 18” × 9Qt


The commercial products food storage totes crafted by Rubbermaid are quite spacious i.e. have a storage capacity of accurately 5 QT. Prime Quality: The Rubbermaid Food Storage boxes are perfect to be used for commercial purposes like in restaurants, cafeterias, or in the catering business, owing to their large storage capacity i.e. 12.5 Gallon and durable material. Each box is made up of BPA free clear polycarbonate which facilitates economical food storage as well as convenient transportation of food over long routes.

Convenient Cleaning

Conventional food storage boxes have square corners and after long term use, the dirt piles up into those corners and doesn’t go away or require tough cleaning. But Rubbermaid’s commercial storage boxes have rounded corners that are super easy to clean and provides maneuverability. Besides, there are no dirty corners and the boxes could be used for long terms.

Availability of Lids

The appealing feature of these tote boxes is the availability of snap-tight lids. The firm lids facilitate airtight packing of the food and help preserve the quality of food. The food could be stored for a longer period of time without the fear of any spoilage.

Safe Refrigeration

Refrigeration is the only way to store food for a considerable period of time and who doesn’t want storage boxes that could be refrigerated without the fear of damage! Taking this into consideration, Rubbermaid has launched these storage boxes. Both the box and lid are safe for freezing or refrigeration. Now, you could freeze your food without worrying about the boxes.


These boxes are safe to be washed via dishwashers, both commercial or domestic ones.

Labeling Panels

There are panels on both boxes and lids to mention and control date to avoid food spoilage.

Rubbermaid 12.5 Gallon Food Storage Box Rubbermaid 12.5 Gallon Food Storage Box Rubbermaid 12.5 Gallon Food Storage Box Rubbermaid 12.5 Gallon Food Storage Box