Why Should You Season a Dutch Oven?


Most Dutch ovens that you can buy will not be pre-seasoned or treated. You will need to address the seasoning and preparation of your Dutch oven yourself. And you should be taking the seasoning of your Dutch oven seriously. This is because seasoning your Dutch oven is a critical part of keeping it well-maintained. Any owner of a Dutch oven will tell you that you will have to properly season yours if you would actually want to use it properly. This is mainly due to the kind of material that most Dutch ovens are made out of, which is cast iron. And just like other cast iron cooking utensils, such as skillets or pans, you will need to properly season the Dutch oven that you own. You may be asking yourself, why is it even important to take the time to season a Dutch oven, here are the answers to that question.

Your Dutch oven will be well-maintained if you season it often. Part of the work in owning a Dutch oven is in the maintenance that you have with it. And as any owner of a Dutch oven should know, seasoning is a very critical maintenance process that has got to undertaken before you even use your Dutch oven. With proper and regular seasoning if your Dutch oven, it will be able to last for decades without you having to replace it at all.

Food may even taste better when you use a seasoned Dutch oven to prepare it. This is because if you do not season your cast iron Dutch oven, the metallic taste of it may seep into the flavor of the food that you are preparing inside if it. If you do not want your food to have a slightly off or acidic flavor to it when you use a Dutch oven, you had better start seasoning the oven quite carefully. You will be able to lock in the flavor of Dutch oven.

Seasoning your Dutch oven will also keep it cleaner for a longer period of time. Without the seasoning or oil layer that you place on top of your Dutch oven, it will not be able to keep foods or materials from sticking on top of its surface. So if you do not season your Dutch oven regularly, it may end up having a very dirty layer of food on top of it. If you would like to keep your Dutch oven as clean as possible, you should season it as often as you can, which is at minimum every few months or so. It would be cleaner overall if you did season your Dutch oven.

It is a really good practice to start seasoning your Dutch oven right now. Do not be lazy and take too long to season your Dutch oven. Before you even use it for the first time, you must take it out of its packaging and season it right away. If you are wondering about how to season your Dutch oven, it is a relatively simple process. You can take some fat tallow or vegetable oil. Next, you will want to spread either one evenly all of the surfaces of the Dutch oven that you have got. Once all of the surface areas of your Dutch oven has been completely covered by the vegetable oil or tallow, you can place it in the oven. Set the heat of the oven to around 400 F degrees. Wait until the Dutch oven has cooled down and then you can gently wash it. And that is how easy it is to season a Dutch oven.

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